Sunday, July 20, 2008

Relay for Life

Luminaria on the stands

After Natalie's Baby Shower the boys and I went down to Redondo Union HS and participated in the Relay for Life. We've also participated in this relay for life last month when we were in UT. We told them about the people who were sick with Cancer. We thought and remembered about their cousin Hampton and my MIL who was diagnosed in May with Stomach CA, and all of our neighbors and friends with cancer as well. Anyways, we walked 5 laps around the track and the boys were done. They played bean bag toss at one of the other tents, we watched kids play football and basketball. Many people ran, walked and walked with their wagons too.

One of my favorite signs
Not only does this apply to Cancer
but to everything!

Jake is a good photographer


Anonymous said...

Ha! Did Jacob really take that picture? Wow, now that is one talented kid. I especially love how he tilted the camera and framed you all off center - very artistic. That kid is going places!

- Jake

Joanne said...

Jake - yeah, the boys love to take pic. I have to put the camera away and hide it because they have been taking silly pictures. Ask Paul.