Tuesday, July 8, 2008


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Last time I had Shin splints was in High School when I played volleyball and soccer. Now that I am a little older and I have been running more. I have had a little aching joints here and there but not until this last few days where I noticed my Right shins were bothering me. That never stopped me from running this past 4th of July weekend and yesterday.

I went to work today, I was limping. I was compensating a LOT. I finally talked to one of my friends at work, Gigi an Outpatient Physical Therapist and asked her for some "questions". I was a little in DENIAL, but the way she nodded her Head, it was literally written on her forehead "YOU HAVE SHIN SPLINTS". I refused to accept it.. Why? So many reasons. Then the Director came out and talked to us, she asked me a few questions. I felt like I was their patient. So back to my answer "I refuse to accept I have shin splints". Because I know how to prevent it but I didn't. I also told them that it is always easy to be the therapist but once you are a patient it is just so hard to accept it. So here were some of the questions we frequently asked our patients.

  • Where does it hurt? Right front leg
  • Did you increase your running pace? Yes
  • Did you increase your distance? Yes
  • Have you increased your mileage in your shoes? YES!!!!!!
  • Do you have long distance and short distance running shoes? YES..and they are my favorite running shoes, They are very expensive and I refuse to buy new ones!!!!
  • Did you change your route? YES
  • They were so nice to just nod and smile, but deep inside I am sure they wanted to tell me this....No wonder you are suffering now!!!
So Gigi, was so kind enough to apply tape on my Right Shins. I will have this for a couple of days until it heals. I will Ice it , Stretch it and do some Range of Motion. I will have to REST for a couple of days from running. Bummer.

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Tara said...

Joanne, I'm so sorry to hear about your shin splints... Bummer. I hope you're feeling better soon. I haven't checked your blog in so long, I've been so busy packing and painting etc... I had to sit down this morning and catch up!