Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here are some of the highlights you missed while I was
busy watching the Olympics - Sorry Lolo, Lola, Gma and Gpa.

Jake's Ski Hat

I have a hat, I have a hat! said Jake while Paul and I were
getting ready to put the boys to bed.
I really don't know where he got this idea from.

Float or Sink?
This summer, I read a lot of books at Jake's school. Then last week they started their official back to school program. Last week, they learned about floating and sinking for their science class. J.T helped me with the activity. I brought a basin filled up with water and brought 13 items such as: rock, pin, stick, leaf, shark toy, coin, paper, rubber band etc..etc.. and asked the kids to pick one each then J.T explained what they were going to do. They had to cross out if they think the item they picked will sink or float. We did this act. 2x and they all had fun. Next week, will be either Math or Spanish Subjects. I have to think of a relay game or something.


While the boys were getting in the car before school, they called my name and were so
fascinated at this creature laying on our driveway. EWWW!!!
I told the boys to get in the car and I called Paul at work to call Animal Control.
I asked him if he felt any bump when he left for work, Paul said he did not feel any bump nor did he notice a Possum. I told him there was a dead possum on
our driveway then he asked me.
Is he really Dead or playing Possum?

Fun in the Sun!

The boys enjoyed a fun splash day Church Activity. They played obstacle courses, squirt guns, water balloons and relays. Then we enjoyed Burgers and Hotdogs, watermelon and desserts. Jinky and I met for dinner at a yummy sushi restaurant in Long Beach, called I love Sushi and went to yogurtland for dessert. We planned on going to Beso Restaurant, however, Soon to be Mom Sharon was very busy nesting.


I am really not a camper and it has been a long time since we went camping. So last Sat. The boys wanted to go camping and they decided to camp our backyard! Whew!
Paul was so nice to put a walking path for me and the boys. I do not want dirty feet and "dirt" in my bed. The Mish came by and said Hello and ate smores with the boys and shared their ghost stories. Then they shared a nice scripture story. The boys even invited them to go camping and we told them they cannot go camping with us they have to visit other people and it was getting late and they need to go to sleep and wake up early the next day.

Now that the Olympics are over, Paul just can't stop saying
"Are you ready for some football?????"


Tara said...

Looks like you guys have been having fun! I know what you mean about no sleep due to the Olympics! And Mark has definitely caught the football fever too!

Joanne said...

Tara - It is crazy! Today at work we we're all have the post O-letdown. haahaa. Im sure Mark and Paul are excited for Football season. BTW, is Mark related to that basketball player from Spain?

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest hat I've ever seen! Good job Jake.

- Jake M.

Joanne said...

Jake- Yes it is. He has done so many silly things with that "hat".