Tuesday, August 26, 2008

O-let down

We all had the O-fever. And now we have the O-let down. At work today we talked about the Olympics and the Volleyball finals. It was very Sweet ending. It really is from Tragedy to triumph. Now we can have our nights back and enjoy happy hour as what they said.

Cindy one of the Speech Therapist planned a "Thank you" party for our Manager Denise. After work tonight we went to Sangria in Hermosa Beach for happy hour and enjoyed yummy Tapas, they enjoyed Sangria,margarita and I enjoyed my Diet Coke!. And the Flamenco. We left early and Denise decided to dance with the ladies. And yes we missed it. Good thing Erika has a video of it and we cannot wait to see it. They said she could have a less stressful job and be a flamenco dancer instead of Managing the whole Rehab Dept.

Sangria Flamenco Dancers

(L-R) Aditi - Denise - Kristen
Denise tried this curly wig to prepare her flamenco.


Julie said...

Looks like a good time! I had forgotten about this place, and just checked out the menu. Definitely on our list of places to eat in the future1.

Julie and Mike

Joanne said...

Julie-it's really good!