Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We already got the boys Halloween costumes 2 weeks ago. JT will be Indiana Jones and Jake wanted to be Speedracer. But it was sold out at Toys r us and he decided Cars "lightning McQueen pit crew" instead. I still don't know what costume I am wearing. I have never worn one before and I always had A Witch hat.

I talked to the boys and told them that we are going to have a Halloween party, I was thinking of a "twilight theme". My boys totally disagreed! Yes they protested. I told them my idea.....

Just like Alice Cullen in the book. Think extravagant! White twinkle lights, Japanese lanterns and fresh pink flowers in the book. But since it's Halloween we'll use black and red roses. White table cloth, red napkins and table runners. With some black ribbons for chair covers, red and white candles. For the Menu- since Vampires don't eat, we will serve Omelletes (Just the way Edward cooked it for Bella) or devilled eggs with olive (for halloween), Steak kebabs rare, or chicken kebabs. The Vamps eat Mountain Lions and Elks- and we are not serving that. Red apples (represent their forbidden love) and some yummy dessert. For drinks why not Red raspberry or at trader joe's they have those pomegranate juice or sparkling cider raspberry with spider ice in it - for the spirit of Halloween. For activities: Have 2 teams - Team Edward and Team jacob -why not play a memory game of all the vampires abilities, or name the Vampires and their covens etc... or have 2 teams.

What do you guys think? I asked the boys, They stared at me and said "NO!"
Oh well, I guess I will have to plan it for any of my nieces or friends who would love to have it. So, we are still deciding whether it will be an Indiana Jones or Dinosaur themed or just the basic-fun-halloween-pumpkin-theme. Either way, it is going to be fun!


Tara said...

OMG!! LOL!! Joanne, their faces are priceless! I, on the other hand would love to come to a Twilight party! This is so funny, I have to show it to Mark, he will appreciate the looks on the boys faces! Haaaaa haaa!!!

Tami said...

I laughed so hard when I read this. That is so funny and so creative! Stephanie Meyer would be proud.

Joanne said...

Tara-Yes, I wish we could have a Twilight Party. And their faces were classic.

Tami - really is very funny. Actually they got tired of me telling them what was going on when I was reading Breaking Dawn.