Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last Day...1st day...Birthday...

What a week full of FUN!
Summer is OVER! and it just started to be very busy in our household. Full of fun activities, sports and Homework! Yikes!


The boys enjoyed the Sun, Sand, Swim and Surrey this Summer.
For the last few days of Summer
we went to Shoreline at Alfredo's Beach Club, they have
so many fun Summer Activities.
We missed the Summer movies
at the beach, we'll just do it next yr. But we did not miss
the surrey bike. We were also planning for a paddle boat ride but
after Paul played Tennis with Jeremy and pedaling for an hour
Our Quads were burning!

The Queen Mary

First day of School
J.T is so pumped up and ready for school.
1st Grade it is!
Don't cry Mommy, that's what J.T said when I dropped him off at school.
Yes, I did not, Great job!
When I asked from a hug and kiss from J.T
his reply...
Mommy, not in front of my classmates.
I told myself: You're only in 1st grade!
So, I gave him a tight hug and big kiss

First Game

AYSO is back, and J.T is playing soccer for U8 (Under 8 y/o)
Paul is back to Coaching as an Assistant this time.
J.T played really well, he played forward and half back. He is more excited to
be fullback. I told him that Paul played half back in soccer, I played full back in High school
so are my bros. Full back and sweeper.
J.T got a little distracted when he saw 3 of his friends from school
cheering for him while he was playing and while they were waiting for J.T's game to end.


Calling all Jellyfish, dolphins and lobster too.
There's going to be an adventure and we'd love to share it with you!
You're O-FISH-ally invited to come under the sea.
And go exploring with Jacob for his 4th Birthday Party.

We celebrated Jake's 4th Birthday at
Sea Lab
He had a great time with his friends from school
and Church.
There was a shirt craft. They painted the shirts
and then enjoyed the educ. tour. They saw Leopard sharks, Horn sharks,
bat rays, halibuts, lobsters, starfish and much more.
It got a little windy and it was hard for me to light the candles.
The kids sang really well and a little faster so Jake can
blow the candles before the wind picks up again.
And the timing was perfect.
On our way home, Jake said he wanted to open the presents
with J.T, but Jake fell asleep in the car.
He opened the presents just in time for dinner.

After the Soccer game and Birthday Party
Paul was so Anxious to come home and watch the game.
On my way home, I called Melissa and asked her what the score was. At that time it was 28-21
And WA had the ball and there was 1 .30 left in the game.
I got home and it was the perfect time for me to check the final score
before Paul and J.T got home.
I saw the score and I told myself that Paul will bel on edge watching the game.
He did not look at me and I tried to put a blank face. I've perfected it
since I always check the score online while Paul watches the games on Tivo.
Anyways, I would watch the game every now and then
while I finished fixing and cleaning up.
It was a nailbiting game, just like last year's bowl game
when BYU blocked the field goal against UCLA.
Here's Paul's face when Locker scored a touchdown.

Anyways, it was a controversial
finish. Blah..Blah..Blah...
blame it on the Refs for that call.
Rule 9.2 A!
In case you've missed it.
Here is the final 3 mins of the game


The Polson Family said...

You guys have the best adventures. I'm so impressed. Your boys look so cute in their first day of school outfits. What a fun time!

Joanne said...

Thanks Lisa.