Monday, September 8, 2008

More Presents

Today is Jacob's 4th Birthday. I cannot believe he is 4 yrs old!
We celebrated his birthday at his favorite restaurant - Islands.
My brother and SIL, John and Denise came
as well as Frau Ingga. It has been a long time since the boys saw Frau Ingga.
Jacob opened his presents from us and J.T.
As I type this post, I could still hear the boys talking from their
room. They just have this adrenaline rush from all the "new toys and books" Jake
got from Sat. and today.

Brotherly Love
Jake was only 3 weeks old and JT was 2 y/o.
Time flies.


Julie said...

Joanne and Paul: Boy, time really does fly! I can remember when Paul and I were supporting CETEC, and he came in Friday night, telling me you were going to have J.T.! Happy Birthday to Jacob.

Julie and Mike

Joanne said...

Julie-Thanks, Yes I remember the Cetec days.

Amber said...

We sang to him last week in primary:) What a cute little baby he was! He's still adorable.

Joanne said...

Amber - Yes, thank you, Jacob told us on our way home from Church. He said he was shy and that Andrew was funny. As always.

Julie said...

Joanne and Paul: Mike and I are hoping to see you and the boys on Halloween night, when they come to search for the cats.