Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Night

The boys had a fun trip to Toys r Us
with their Los Abuelos.

Tonight for Family Night
JT gave us a very important lesson.
The Lesson was FD he said
Fire Drill!

With all the fires in the Valley, it was a
very insightful lesson.
He told us some key points:
  • A place to meet in case of fire or emergency.
    we decided to meet by the tree in front of our house
  • Whatever you're doing stop and run outside, don't get anything not even your shoes if you don't have a shirt, don't grab one. Not even your purse Mommy
  • Once you're outside, do not go back inside the house.
  • Wait for the Firemen to tell us all CLEAR!
  • Even at Night the Firemen will kill the fire
  • Remember: Go down, slow and also when your shirt gets caught in fire
    go down and roll.

Jake was in charge of Treat and Games.
For the games he picked a game called "Hot and Cold"
They play this during singing time in primary.
The 'hider' will be in charge of hiding an object. Then the 'seeker' will look
for that object. And the rest will say HOT - if he's close to the object and COLD if
he's far from the object.
So Jake decided to use this one.

And yes, Jake loves Dinosaurs so much
so he decided to use this one.
Mommy: Err, Jake that Dino is so BIG! It will be hard to hide it
Jake: NO, it's not, you can hide him under the table in the Living room or the Hockey table
Paul and I tried so hard not to Laugh.
It was so cute.
For treat Jake picked his favorite Ice Cream.

What a fun family Night. We are so blessed to have wonderful kids
and the Gospel.

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