Saturday, October 11, 2008

It is one of those days...AGAIN!

Yes, it is! Whatelse is new right? So here is the rundown of today's activit-ies!


I've missed J.T's last 2 games and today, my adrenaline erupted my veins and
I was pumped up.
J.T and his teammates started really nervous.
1 minute before Half time the other team scored a goal.
This is the first team that scored a goal and all the boys were
shocked and looked at the Coach,Asst Coach and
their parents.
at 2nd half they were ready to play.
Because I have missed 2 games, I cannot contain myself
I was cheering for them...
'take it...take it...take itttttttttttttttttttt!!!' (with high pitched voice)
I stood the whole game. Told Jake to sit on the chair
while Mommy cheers for the team. No, while a CRAZY MOM
cheers for the team.
The game ended with a 4-1. WIN


After the game, I went to "L or Luisa's" Halloween Party.
We learned how to make Halloween treat jars and
Trick or Treat blocks. It was a lot of fun.
We all had a blast!
Thanks for the fun party - L,
you should do it again next year =).
I'm sorry I had to leave so early,
I am not being anti-social, I just had to finish
some errands.

Thanks Luisa
for re-touching my "r's"

The Crafty Moms

Luisa explaining to us how to use the

I cannot believe I made this.

Hair Cuts

After the Craft Party
I took the boys to have their haircuts.
We are planning to grow out their hair but
Paul and I wanted to clean the sides and
back a little bit before the Wedding.

Finishing Touches
After their haircuts
Paul and I finished some errands
and the Final Finishing touches
before our guests arrive.

Computer set up--Checked

TV and Cable set-up ---checked

Fresh towels, wash cloth
with chocolates --checked

magazines,note pad,pen

Jackets dry cleaned
and ready to be worn ---checked

Anxiously waiting for the guests
to arrive---PRICELESS!


Tara said...

Joanne, you are so awesome. Next time we come to town we are staying at Casa de Miller. The Marriot never gives us chocolate! You'd be totally willing for all SIX of us to come stay right? Kidding! I'm definitely going to fill out a suggestion card for the Marriot next time though.

Joanne said...

We would love to have you guys stay here when you come to CA.