Thursday, October 2, 2008


What a day today, I was in ICU when I got a call from Jake's pre-school. Hearing the Director's voice alarmed me. Even though she sounded Calm I was terrified that something happened to Jake. (who wouldn't) Sure enough, Jacob was going down the slide when he hit his chin on his friends head then accidentally bit his tongue OUCH! She said the bleeding stopped but...before she finished I told her, I am on my way.

Jake was sitting in her office, eyes swollen and his face was totally traumatized! I called his Pediatrician and told her what had happened since this is the first time that ever happened to the boys. She said not to take him in, the wound itself will heal and just give him cold drinks, food, etc. So we decided to go to Toys R Us. We were there for a good 1 1/2 hours. He was happy but not enthused at buying anything...???? Still traumatized from what happened. I told him we could have lunch together he said did not want to eat because it hurts, he said he will just eat at school. ???? We headed back to school from Toys R Us and I stayed there for 30 mins, until lunch time and he said "Mommy, pick me up after your work, OK?" If I was him, I will be like,"Mommy, let's go home, or go to Dland, or go to Chuck E Cheese" I will really remind him of this when he's in Middle School.

Then tonight after dinner while JT and Jake were playing (obviously, he's feeling better) J.T's loose bottom front tooth just popped out. And he was so HAPPY! BOYS???

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