Sunday, October 5, 2008

Camping Anyone?

I have never worked on a Sunday where I was the only P.T in the the Dept. But today, I was the only person in the dept. IT FREAKED ME OUT! Especially working in a hospital. The good thing is we only see Orthopedic patients on Sundays, which made the day go by fast. On Sundays, other than going to Church and just chillin with the fam, we also enjoy watching family videos. When I got home today, they just barely started watching the "Cousins Camping Video" that my FIL ( Father-in-law) made.

The cousins getting ready

Every year, Paul's family goes camping during the Summer for 5 days! This year they went camping near Bear Lake in Idaho/Utah, boating, water skiing, and wake boarding.

Matt Water skiing

Andy Wake boarding

The boys know that I am not a "Camper" and when they saw their cousins, they were so SAD! And they asked too many questions....
  • Why are we not invited?
  • Why didn't we go Camping?
  • Why...this...Why that...WHY...WHY...WHY?????
I looked at Paul so he can explain to them. Of course they do not accept...
  1. That we were saving our Vacation Days for my family who are coming this fall for vacay.
  2. That we need to save $$$ to travel
  3. That Daddy and Mommy cannot just go on vacay just like that!
They did not stop asking questions while watching the video. So, I offered a DEAL. We can go to UT next summer either go Camping OR Boating with them..YIKES Then Paul said or maybe BOTH! BUT, we have to wait and see what they are planning next yr. Then it is a DEAL.

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