Friday, October 3, 2008

What have I done?

A week before school started, we received a packet from JT's school with all the information for this school year. From the menu to PTA, what to expect this year, to calendar schedule. Also one of the forms asking for volunteers to be the "Room Representative" or "Room Mom"
  • They are liaisons between the teacher and the rest of the parents in the class.
  • They are responsible for coordinating parties, Halloween, Winter Parties, Valentine's Day,Teacher Appreciation Week, End of Year parties, and do a birthday party for the teacher and assistant,getting the teacher gifts, coordinating field trip volunteers, etc.
  • It's separate from helping out in the classroom with prep work, etc.
So, I decided to turn in the paper this week, since it has been a month since school started and I am sure the teacher already has a Room Mom...WRONG!... She was so happy. She said nobody turned in the form but ME! .. YIKES! As if I don't have enough on my plate already.
  • I work part time
  • I volunteer at Jake's school, read books to the kids, do crafts, I help with field trips and events at the pre school.
  • I also volunteer at JT's school, filing papers, cutting this, putting forms in the kids' cubbies, read books to them, sharing time.
  • Oh yeah, I am also in charge of planning activities for the Sisters in our Church (Enrichment Leader).
I guess this will fulfill my dreams of being an Event Planner....Yeah right!

I know there are bumper stickers for "College Parents" , "Soccer Moms" and "Hockey Moms". So, I was wondering are there any bumper stickers for "Room Moms"?

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