Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's the Buzz?

So, On my way inside the Hospital I heard a bunch of Nurses from the Night Shift talking about the "In and Out's" Anniversary. They were all saying, how it will be so packed, the lines will be very, very long. Around 9-1sh or so, I was in AOU (Acute Observation Unit) when a bunch of Nurses talking how it is just a Rumor. ( I should have checked their website before posting on my blog, sorry) It reached on every floor and every Nurses station. It finally got to our Rehab Dept. Yeah, it was just your typical word on the street. Everyone was BUMMED! You can't beat a 25-30 cents Hamburger!

Then, moments later we got another flyer posted on our department and everywhere at the hospital that we all are getting a FREE!!! IN and Out Burgers! as a reward for taking the Employee Survey. Everyone were happy again (which we get this annually) I told this to my friend Karen-->I am just wondering, I have worked in 5 hospitals and Hospital workers are always happy when they get Free Food....Seriously! Well, I guess it just shows that they(patients) were just Grateful for their(hospital workers) services.

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