Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hoop it up

We traveled up the coast to Malibu to watch the BYU and Pepperdine Basketball Game. It was very relaxing and fun. No crazy people. Boys were good, it was not that “packed”. Really, really nice, BYU won ! We saw Trent Plaisted in the crowd who happens to be Alison's brother. Paul and I got to talk to the other BYU fans. When they were talking about "Where is Woodland Hills or How far is Woodland Hills from Malibu? I knew they were either visiting or students. They turned out to be in Law School at Pepperdine. Apparently lots of BYU undergrads study Law at Pepperdine University. Of course the highlight of our conversation was when they talked about "TWilight" ahhhhh.

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