Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Telephone Etiquette

I was taught growing up to have Good Telephone Etiquette. Now, working at a hospital they constantly remind us how to answer the phone, how to talk to patients, family members, Doctors and other colleagues. Of course now that I am a Mom, I am trying my best to set a good example for my boys. It does not matter if you are a Supervisor, a Manager, an owner, a student, a stay at home Mom or just-because-the-person-on-the-other-line-has-an-accent. BUT, if you work for a company and you are what you say A CUSTOMER SERVICE and also A MANAGER who works for that company and DO NOT HAVE TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE? I think you should consider looking for another job or going to a class. What happened to being calm, diplomatic and polite OR Showing willingness to solve the problem -->Shouldn't you be doing that as a "CUSTOMER SERVICE and a MANAGER?", instead of talking to me in a very CONDESCENDING VOICE/TONE....tsk..tsk...Rude! Simply RUDENESS!

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