Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twilight Delight

After I’ve finished reading Book 4 – Breaking Dawn, I wanted to plan a Twilight Party. I started planning it in September and wanted to have a Twilight-themed Halloween Partay, which the boys protested (see previous post). I moved the party for Nov. 8th but we were in UT so it was moved to the 15th. And so tonight we had the Twilight Delight. Think Alice Cullen when I was planning the party. I do not have a lot of money like the Cullens but I tried my best to have an extravagant one.

I also started using some of Christmas Decorations like White and Red Apple and Berry candles.


and poinsettias.

I put pictures of Edward, Jacob and Bella, The Cullens,The Blacks. I also have pictures of the Werewolves Pack. I also have a picture of Bella (before and After). Of course I got all of the pictures online.

The guests were greeted with James’ Venomous Blood Cocktails


It was so fun to have my HighSchool friends, Church Friends and Work friends and we all enjoyed talking about it, since it is always limited talking about it at Church or Work.

We Feasted on

The Feast


James’ Venomous Blood


Quiche Esme and Renee


Volturi Spinach with

Candied Walnuts and Gorgonzola Cheese


Quileute’s Creamy Tomato with Basil

Pulitrice del palato

Denali Sorbet

Entrata principale

Cullen Cordon Bleu


Edward’s Passion Cake


Jacob’s Chocolate Dipped Persistent Love.


Dr.Carlisle’s Sparkling Water

La Push Spring Water

Then the fun game: Thanks Amy

Since most of my friends are Team Edward, they drew names they picked, leeches,shiny silvervolvo,The Meadow,bloodsucker,Air conditioner for Team Edward and La Push, Red Motorcycle, Space Heater,Pup,Mongrel,Imprint for Team Jacob. And we played Twi-Jeopardy.

They were so COMPETITIVE!

For party favors, I gave them Bella inspired Silver bracelet.

Team Switzerland:

For the prizes I gave them Twilight pins.

My SIL Michelle and her daughter Kayla are visiting and it was perfect time to have them at the party

Tara, Chantel, Shauna, Natalie, Sunny, Trish, Nancy and Brenda

We miss you. We’ll have a Post twilight-party next yr. I have 2 games that we never played.

Luisa and I.

What a fun Night.

We were all tired and will be listening to Bella’s Lullaby.


Sunny said...

this looks like the best party ever! Your pictures, gifts, food, drinks, decorations look awesome. Good job! Can't wait for post-twilight party!

Joanne said...

Thanks Sunny,we missed ya. And we will have one in January. Are you watching the midnight show?