Sunday, November 23, 2008


Shauna, Diane and her sister, Alyssa and her friends and I watched Twilight tonight. Yes..I watched it again. Angie, you are so right! The second time is even better. I am not as critical as I was when I first watched it. My brain cells were more relaxed and the Anticipation was not that intense. So, for those of you who weren't sure if you liked it or heard some bad reviews SUCK IT UP. Dish out another $11.00 and see it again. You won’t be disappointed. It was worth my $22. And I plan to go AGAIN. How many times did I watch SATC?
If you go into the movie with an open mind, you will enjoy it!

And there will be Books 2 and 3 lined up. I can't wait to see the Vamps and the Pack meet.

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Tara said...

YEA!!!! I can't wait!