Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Update


We went to J.T's school and enjoyed some Hot Cocoa, Popcorn and
stargazing. We saw the Jupiter and the Moon through
some large telescopes.
It was so COOL!
I could see Jupiter and 3 of
it's Moons and
We also saw the craters on the Moon really clear.
I was looking for the US flag where Neil Armstrong
landed. :-)
The boys had fun
J.T loves going to School activities
and seeing his classmates, friends and soccermates

Soccer Match

It was one of the toughest teams they've ever played
The first 2 mins. of the game JT blocked a
shot and hit his nose.
J.T's nose bleeds so easy, The Coach was
a little worried that JT might not play for the rest of the game.
BUT JT showed how he loved the sport.
He played Forward and Fullback the rest of the game.

Shopping and Movie

Luisa, Natalie and I walked to
the mall and went shopping
it was really nice, very relaxing. Jake decided to come with me
and be like a baby again.

Jacob, Carter and
Jake were so behaved and
and all the Moms were
so relieved.
We had dinner back home and
Made of Honor.
Marc and Jeremy came to pick up the
babies after the UCLA game.

Windy Day

We woke up to a very Windy day.
It was CRAZY! Lots of branches blown off the trees.

We will Miss you

It is always to hard to say good-bye
to friends who are moving.
Todd and Jenn, Mark and Tara,
Jody and Chantel, Jeff and Nana
Jeremy and Natalie
are moving at the end of the month.
We gave them a surprise farewell
"thank you"party.
I feel so bad, I forgot to take pictures.
This are the only ones I took.
So, cute.

Shauna has the magic touch putting Jacob to sleep. =)


For the baby boys
Carter, Jacob and Brody
We can't wait to see you
make funny faces like these boys.
We will miss you Jeremy, Natalie
and Carter
Thank you for your friendship.


Jennifer said...

I know I don't comment too often, but I love ready your blog. Are you going to the midnight showing next week? I am one of the crazy people willing to do that. I miss you guys, talk to Susie and maybe we can plan a girls night, a cheap one since money is so dang tight these days. I hate recessions.!!!!!

Joanne said...

Yes, I am one of those who will be standing and will be watching the 12midnight show.

Tara said...

SO cool that you guys got to see Jupiter and it's moons! I'm jealous!

joanne said...

It was so cool, we really had a blast!