Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Weekend!

We had a fun GNO ( Girl's Night out)
and went to Casa de Karengkeng and
celebrated Karen and Sharon's Birthday last weekend.
We had so much fun!
Chef Karen cooked up a STORM!
from Appetizers, main course and Dessert.
She even made this yummy Beverage
which is already in my Recipe keeps.

We gave them
a GC from Anthropologie
and a yummy cake from of course Red Ribbon.

Sharon came with Elisa and we played
Catch phrase ( it's a word guessing game)
played in 2 teams.
A clue-giver can make any physical gesture
and give almost any verbal clue. However, you cannot word that rhymes with the word,
give the first letter of the word,
say the number of syllables,
say part of the word in the clue.
So, I'll give you a few highlights:
word *manure*
Hedda: This comes out of the toilet..
Me: er...water? ... sewage...urine...pee...
Hedda: Ummm it's something ...ummm comes out when
you use the toilet?
Me: doodoo, crap, sh*& .. yup I even said that word.

Here's another one.
word * vampire*
Me: Edward Cullen is a?
Hedda: Twilight....Vampire

Here's a classic one.
the word is * Golden Gate Bridge*
at this time we were winning!
Jinky: Bridge in San Francisco
Me: San Francisco Bridge
Of course growing up
we've always been competitive so I had a lot of nerves (wink wink).

We had so much fun! I had never laughed so hard that night.
We laughed, played, ate
and also dressed up.
Fun! Fun! Fun!
On our way out I got some lemons from Karen's
Lemon Tree.
Thank you guys, it was a fun night!
Happy Birthday!

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