Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happiest Birthday on Earth

This time it was J.T's Birthday and we went to celebrate it at the Happiest Birthday on Earth. Yes at Disneyland! We took him and enjoyed the "Free admission on your Birthday". He got his Birthday Ticket and Birthday pin.

We woke him up on his birthday and sang Happy Birthday while Jake played the toy trumpet he got from the Rose Parade. Yeah, that noise. =). Anyway, then JT and Jake enjoyed breakfast in Bed with pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs. J.T was sick BUT he was such a TROOPER. He did not throw a fit not a SINGLE ONE! He even put his Birthday pin on his jacket and smiled for Mommy =). We asked J.T to write down all the rides he wanted to ride at Disneyland. Just in case it is packed we just wanted to make sure we ride all his priorities. Basically it was mainly Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. We had a blast!

We got there right when it opened, rode all his priority rides, Nemo, Autopia, Buzzlightyear and we were done at 1pm! I KNOW! Who knew we will be done at 1pm. So we asked Jake if he wanted to ride other than the Nemo ride, he picked The Tea Cups- why is it that whirling rides appeal to kids? Anyways, It's a small world was closed we went to Toon Town just because...then we left at 4pm and got home at 430 just in time for the Birthday cake and ice cream. Tito John and Tita Denise came and celebrated this wonderful day with us.

J.T is a good boy and has full of energy, lots of fun, loves Math, loves to read, loves to play with his brother, loves his grandparents and cousins, he loves taekwondo and soccer and loves to spend time with his family. He makes us laugh and yes he is very silly sometimes. I can go on and on and on. We love you JT.Happy Birthday.

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