Saturday, January 24, 2009

I heart Aprons!

OK here it is, this has been long overdue. I have so many things that I covet just like most or some of you there. When I got an email from Anthropologie and saw different apron designs, I could not believe it. I went to Anthropologie last week and last night and I was just staring at these aprons.
I told one of the customers that I could just totally wear the apron as an accessory than just merely a protective garment to any food stains. So here are my Themed aprons.


Tea Party

I heart Anthropologie Aprons

Spring Get Together

Spring Get together

Will add more when TIME PERMITS!!!


Tara said...

My friend makes these aprons! I'm having her make my sister one for her b-day next month! They are soooo cute!

Julie said...

Adorable, I ADORE anthroplogie and wish I had one closer. Those aprons are fabulous! Got my plaque online, google Raymond Designs and you should find it!

Kelli and Quincy said...

So cute!! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE how frilly and feminine they are.

Carrie said...

I love these Spring colors!