Sunday, January 18, 2009

Surprise Friday

I get off at 12 noon on fridays and volunteer at JT and Jake's school. EXCEPT last friday. I picked them up from school and they were very surprised why I picked them up early. I told them I had a surprise for them. Then I drove straight to the beach.. They were stoked! They kept asking me if Paul was coming, I told them that Daddy has a meeting. The boys were the only kids at the beach. There were people sunbathing, reading and just chillin. So it was pretty nice and calm and quiet. You could just hear the sound of the waves. It was a very beautiful day at the beach. I mean Unbelievable! Around 2-ish, Paul came and the boys were just jumping and running.

Jake loves to bring his Dino set. And builds his own Jurassic Park.
Can't wait to go back this week. Sorry to brag again.
We had to take advantage of the 80 deg. weather.


Jennifer said...

So nice!

Joanne said...

Thanks Jenn =)

Amber said...

What a fun surprise! I bet the water was freezing though :)