Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thank you Isaac Mizrahi

I went shopping at Target the weekend before Christmas. I can remember the date (Dec.19) because it was JT's last day at school. I was even talking to my friend Karen and told her that Isaac Mizrahi's clothing line is being put down so I asked the ladies and she said that they will not sell Mizrahi line at that location but maybe check Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach. I was so bummed! Luckily I scored denim for 10.99 less 30 % HOW COOL IS THAT!!! BARGAIN!! It was a busy Holiday...yada yada... and I remembered that 2008 is Isaac Mizrahi's last yr at Target for Liz Claiborne. Target and Mizrahi end partnership.

Here is his Spring 2009 Line as the creative director for Liz Claiborne.

I am loving these designs. Anything tulip neckline or ruffles

just like my Red Elizabeth Halter from J.Crew


Oh well, there will still be awesome designers at Target or Tar-zhay
Thakoon is currently at Tarzhay
Tracy Feith will bring his signature charming vintage-y styles in May this year.
I heard
Alexander McQueen.
Can't wait for that!!!!

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Nate and Jilleen said...

You are so on top of fashion... I enjoy your insights.