Tuesday, January 13, 2009


After months of trying to have a get together, it finally happened this past weekend. Our Post-Holiday get together was at our house.

We ordered Hawaiian Food. Yum Yum. We also had Seafood pasta, Ramen Salad, Almost Better than Sex cake (yup that one) and Cheeseball.
We played Right-Left game and they get to open
gingerbread ornaments which they can use for next yr.

Since I have 2 boys
and I have 5 goddaughters
I got these fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious
and Purlicious for them.
I enjoyed shopping for my goddaughter and
Karen enjoyed reading the books too.
We can't wait to help plan their birthdays
with these theme.
My friend Jenn had a fun 'Fancy Nancy' party with her daughter
last yr.

I also got a Fancy Nancy shoes for Sabine

We finally met
she is so cute, so adorable.
and yes
What an Angel baby she is.

We opened presents

The boys loved the Dinosaurs, leg,lunchpack,Color explosion
and scribble book

This is one of our favorite pages...

The boys played Wii
Sofia was their cheerleader,
while Sabine was taking her Beauty Rest.

The Dads played golf, bowling and boxing
Paul and Larry

Tats and Larry

The highlight
we boxed each other. Karen and I
Hedda and Jinky.
Sharon and Elisa were our cheerleaders.

We had a blast!
See you all in 2 weeks
for Karen and Sharon's birthday


Julie said...

What a beautiful family! We love the wii, except I always hurt people when I'm playing tennis. It's a little intense:)

Joanne said...

Thanks.Yes..Intense and competitive.