Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is it Spring


I went to ON and BR today for the Fam and friend event.
If you have not gone there yet, you have one more day tomorrow.
When I posted the Spring 2009 last yr. read here
Pamela Rolland was one of my favorite designs. The colors, the details and ruffles.
Back to my ON and BR
I am sure you've noticed the different styles colors even fabrics
from BR.
New Creative Director Simon Kneen.
he's launching the new, great-looking,
eco-chic Heritage line, 95% of which is made
from sustainable fabrics and trim.
Here are some of BR's spring collection.

This jacket looks
different IRL.
It's too Star-Trek-y
for me. IMO.

I went home empty handed. And went to Target to check
for Miss Trish of Capri.
But I did not see any yet.

Coming to Target
Coming to Target - by mixandmatch on

Here's a nice video before Spring.

Now, we're all waiting for the warm weather.

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Anonymous said...

Yes for sping. It's about time. I am tired of Winter.