Wednesday, March 11, 2009


.....and Stylish

Finding a "modest and Stylish" clothes are so hard to find especially buying it for Friends daughters. I remember telling my DH, it is just so hard to find something Cute and stylish, comfortable and yes COVERED. This article from USA today talked about how Modesty is the "new trend". Modesty is IN.

Even flashy Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld declared "bling is over" and noted the economy is prompting a "new modesty," in an interview with the International Herald Tribune this year.

And here's a letter from an 11 yr old.

"Dear Nordstrom, I am an 11-year-old girl who has tried shopping at your store for clothes (in particular jeans), but all of them ride way under my hips and the next size up is too big and falls down," she wrote, according to an excerpt on

Gunderson's story made national news, and Nordstrom responded with higher cut jeans — and more — when it realized hers was hardly a lone cry. "Around that time, a fair amount of people were looking for modest options," says Nordstrom spokeswoman Brooke White.

And here's the FUN and COOL part my favorite Stores

Anthro,J.Crew, Banana Rep. got high marks and thumbs up.

American Eagle, Anthropologie and Banana Republic got the Washington, D.C., group's highest ratings, while Delia's, J. Crew and Ann Taylor all got the Pure Fashion thumbs up elsewhere.

"J. Crew is my favorite store, " says Ashley Nowak, a 14-year-old Pure Fashion member from Alpharetta, Ga. "Almost all of the other stores today have booty shorts and tube tops, that are not only revealing, but also set an inaccurate image of what beauty is supposed to look like."

Oh so fun, I would love to have a Modest Fashion Show Themed party. Hmmmmmm


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this article.

Tara said...

My old ward did a modest fashion show for the YM and YW. They did church wear, every day wear, dance clothes, and even swim suits! It was sooo cute! They had a real runway and announcer and music -- very cool!

Joanne said...

Anonymous - Thanks

Joanne said...

Tara - yes, I would love to have one, I bet it's fun and cool.=)

Julie said...

Hi, Joanne: Yes, ageed. Thanks for sharing this.

Julie Druschke

JOanne said...

Hi Julie- you bet. Something different.