Monday, April 6, 2009

Family Eggs-travaganza

I know I have not been posting any FHE nights lately. No, it's not that we DO NOT DO IT. I am just too lazy to post. BUT, not tonight. I am so inspired since this week is a special week for all of us.

I love my Easter Tree
I got the branches from our backyard.
The boys decorated some eggs and I
attached a ribbon to hang it on the tree.

This past weekend was the General Conference. I am sure you all have your own faves, and my favorite was Elder Holland's talk. And that is a different post.

The boys made some yummy treats
for the Gen.Conference.
Last year they made these yummy treats.

Growing up in the Philippines, Palm Sunday was a special day to start the week to observe lenten season. Just like last year we did this Resurrection Eggs for our activity. The Mish joined us for dinner and enjoyed this "eggs-travaganza night with the Fam". Click here for the Easter Activity.

Hope you all have a great "spring-break-lenten-week".

See you at the end of the week
Happy Easter !


Anonymous said...

Nice Easter Tree

Pattie Garner said...

Thats a great idea. I like the eggs with numbers. I always go over the gospel pictures and explain it to my kids for FHE. Tonight I made three baskets, one for my hubby, one for Nanna and Bampa, and another for my husbands brothers family. Every year I make baskets for whoever comes over. I just wish they would give my baskets back so I wouldn't have to buy them every year. Can you tell I'm bored??? So sorry.

Joanne said...

Anon - thanks

Joanne said...

Pattie - that's a great idea.Haahaa, they must really love your baskets.

Maxmomma said...

Joanne! What an awesome idea! I'm so glad to see this post. Our kids are so young, we are still forming our traditions and these are some great ones. Thanks!!!!