Thursday, April 16, 2009




During Springbreak. JT finished his project
for school.
He made a Great White Shark Diorama
and Jake decided to make one too.

Happy 9 yrs!

Paul and I celebrated our 9th yr. Anniversary.
And the boys made this beautiful
present for us.
The day before, they asked us where we celebrated
each yr for our Anniversary.
We told them that ...
  • 1st yr. we went to Hawaii
  • 2nd - 6 stayed home and spent Anniversary with them and went on a date
  • 7th yr went home to Philippines
  • 8th yr home and went on a date
  • 9th yr out on a date.
They gave us this present.

They used these balloons from the 70's party
we had.
BOYS: 7 + 2 = 9
for your 9 yr. anniversary

They took out their toys and brough in the sandbox
and had a pretend
"Hawaii Anniversary"
They even wrote us a note.
"Hawaii 2001"
Also, the 2 boxed milk were "Coconut milks"
The chopper brought us to the island
decorated with a parasol umbrella and
palm trees



Happy Easter



We handed these "Cheetos puffs" carrots
to friends again this yr.

Paul's Kitchen was open and busy
that day.
He made this yummy Easter Feast.

Thank you Tita Jinky for the Pottery barn baskets =)

The boys helped me decorate for Easter

Of course they loved decorating the table with some candies as well.


Tara said...

1. Happy Anniversary! The gift from the boys was so stinkin' SWEET!

2. JT and Jacob seem to have grown up overnight! And daaaang, they're so handsome!

3. Easter dinner looks WONDERFUL!

Glad you guys are doing well!

Julie said...

You are the coolest person ever! Thanks for the fabulous NYC list! I printed it and can't wait to do stuff. As for your Easter pics, so adorable! Your boys are too cute-we have the same taste in hair btw! Happy late Anniversary as well! Sounds like life is good!