Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol


Like last time for the Dancing with the stars
I sent out mass text messages, called friends even emailed.
I got tickets for the A.I (American Idol) show in the semi-finals 2 weeks ago.
We got there at 3:30, stood in line, made it inside the CBS lot

Then they told us "You're going to hate me, but we can't let you all get in"
There were at least 50 of us waiting outside the studio to get in.
"If you stay for Idol Extra we will give you priority Tickets
for the FINALE"
Oh heck yeah, we were so tired but stoked that
we have priority tickets for the Finale.
Janice was so,so,kind to run and
buy dinner for Luisa,Kayla and I.
Thanks again Janice.

Randy Jackson

Justin Guarini and Danny Gokey

Jillian - Ace - Blake

Jiillian - Ace - Danny
Jillian and Danny

We left the studio at 9:30 pm, we were so tired.
We were so tired that we cannot even talk
about the Finale.

Oh yeah!
We made it inline after my M.D appointment.
Glad it was at Nokia Theater.

Kayla - Me - Luisa

We had great seats, we were seated in the Orchestra
next to
the "Media,Radio Station staff"
Before the show started
We walked down the aisles and talked to
Jeff Probst, Brad Garrett
Amanda Bynes
and many more celebs,singers
and past AI contestants.

Inside Nokia Theater
after they announced Kris as the new American Idol

With Kimberly Locke

Luisa and I

Big and Rich's (Big Kenny)
with Luisa

The Girls with Paris Bennett

Kayla and Jason Castro

During commercial breaks
they set up the stage and the crowd were
pumped up when we saw KISS and QUEEN's
drum set
I even hit the back of the head of the lady in front of
me twice. Sorry!
We danced,sang,screamed.
It was a fun 2 hour concert

The show ended at 7pm
went to CPK for a nice dinner.
It was a fun night Ladies, it was worth all the wait from the AI-Seminal
the traffic. Thank you for coming with me.

So you think you can dance! If..
I mean
IF, I get tickets for the show
I will be sending a txt msg and emails.
It was a fun AI season.


Tara said...

I am so jealous!!! That's it, I need a private jet. I need to be able to fly to LA at a moments notice when you get these tickets!

Joanne said...

T - it was so much fun! I do need a private jet to pick you up and have a GNO and go to these shows.