Sunday, May 17, 2009

I survived

Last friday was Father and Sons Camping Trip. It was a FIRST for me to stay home BY MYSELF, FIRST for Paul to take the boys camping and FIRST for the 3 of them to Camp in L.A! Yikes! BUT we all survived.

Luckily I had Shauna to chill out with. I
had dinner with her, Alyssa and her friend
went to Dinner at Pei Wei. Shauna said it was perfect for
a GNO.

I also Caught up with 24, I can't believe Tony is really a bad guy!

rest of the night, I enjoyed
L-O-V-E-D I-T!

We'll have to plan something big next yr girls to continue
celebrating Mother's Day

Like enjoying a nice spa, especially the Quiet Room

Or going to Americana at the Brand for some shopping


When the boys got home from Camping,
we went to the Armed Forces Parade

We sat with
Jon and Larayne,
Aaron and Allison, and all the kids.
We were all tuckered out, especially the boys.
Jake fell asleep halfway through the parade. He even slept when the flyover passed.

What a fun weekend!

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what a fun weekend