Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Solstice

What a week! Here are the highlights of our "end of school year week".

I helped my friend from work - Trish at the Redondo Beach Triathlon. Even though I missed this event, I got to be a "part" of it. I was also holding "flat annie" which I will post about her next time.

Denise - Tricia - Me

Here I am holding flat Annie's picture

I survived being the Room mom. I regularly volunteer at J.T.'s school on Fridays, read books to the kids, lead share time and fun friday activities, and also plan activities with for the year. Helped the Teacher make copies, check paper, staple this, staple that, organize this, organize that. And I tie-dyed 22 shirts. I know it's very easy BUT I needed to tie them really tight, do it in my washer and of course it was my first time doing it as well.

Here I am with one of the Room Moms
The 1st grade Room Moms organized a "tea party" for
the Teacher's Appreciation Week.
We made them hats and boa
and plenty of yummy treats.

Here are the awesome 1st grade teachers

We had a fun park day
"siblings" are welcome
and they got to play with their big brothers and sisters.
Jake esp. had a great time.

Thursday was
last day of school.

I made 22 DVD's
J.T's teacher is not coming back next yr
so I video'd the kids and they said their
Thank you's and Good Bye's it
was very special and memorable
for her last day at school.
I divided the pics Fall (Kids of the future)
Winter ( Move it)
Spring ( We're all in this together)

I made 21 Candy/toys leis
and a gift card lei for the Teacher
J.T handed out 10 Anti-bac soaps
to the Volunteer Moms
for giving
him an extra HAND this yr.

Before the last assembly,
the teacher and I handed out "special awards" for the kids
we each gave them a "3 cheers certificate" and a medal.
The teacher had to give the clue and the kids had to guess who it is
Teacher: 3 cheers for ______
for loving to read the most.
Kids: J.T
The awards were so fun!
She did a great job especially
coming up with 21 different awards.
She had "class clown,most organized,nicest,cool artist" etc...etc...
We also watched the DVD and
the kids loved the music and they were happy and singing
"Kids of the future and We're all in these together" Too cute!
And even though I watched this many, many times
I still choked up.

It was a fun yr for me as Room Mom and most of all
J.T had so much fun, learned so many things and made new friends.

Even Jake made friends from J.T's class,
which is going to help him a lot when he starts
K-this fall.
A few of his J.T's classmates asked for Jake's autograph.
Too cute =)

After that we went to the beach for our last day of school tradition.
(sans Paul)

Then Friday was
Jake's last day at school. I also
volunteer at his school by
reading books to them and doing
some crafty stuff.
Yesterday we went back to the beach
again and met up with Luisa and Jake.
We saw 5-7 dolphins
really close to the shore like 20 ft from J.T

As we packed our stuff, Luisa had a malfunctioning beach umbrella that had
to be carried and stuffed in my truck. Glad she was able to return and
exchange it.

Jake picked Islands for dinner.
And picked Movie night.

Today, we went to my brother's house and swam
even though it was overcast.

And this sums up our last week at school
and 1st day of Summer.


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