Sunday, July 19, 2009


I was called to be the Stake YW Secretary. There are a lot ( TONS) of activities we do for the "Youth", but especially for "Young Women" or YW or I love to call it Y-dub. In august we will have the YW Camp at one of the camp sites in Running Springs. And yesterday we ( the Camp director and the Stake President and the rest of the presidency) drove up there and tested the hike for the girls, we also looked at the cabins and the amenities where the girls will be playing, doing crafts, swimming etc. Last yr, this site was affected by the fire and you could totally see the trees. I was totally black and charred after the hike.

I am so proud to say that I survived my FIRST EVER hike in my life.
These women were so awesome, we are not as young as the
YW *wink,wink*
but we'll always be young at heart!
Now I need to go for a Nice SPA.

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