Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mommy's Cafe

We have a set menu for breakfast during school year.
  • Mondays - Scrambled eggs and toast
  • Tuesdays - hashbrowns, yogurt and eggs
  • Wednesdays - pancakes and bacon
  • Thursdays - cereal and/or oatmeal ( their least favorite day)
  • Friday - Bagel, eggs, yogurt

On Sundays they will change the menu or
if I sleep in and did not wake up early than usual I always
use the Thursday Menu and change it to that day.

Since it's summer
we do not have a set menu.
They get to sit down and
let them ORDER from
Mommy's cafe.
my choices are of course whatever we have
and "if time permits"
kind of breakfast.

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We love it!
It also helps them to learn how to order if they are at a Restaurant
and also helps them
to behave not only at home but at a restaurant.

On Friday, I asked them what they wanted:
Me : Good morning at Mommy's cafe, hope you had a great night, what would you like to
drink this morning Sir, we have Los Angeles Spring water, TJ ( Trader Joe's) O.J and
not so fresh Milk
J.T: Thank you Maam, I will have O.J please
Jake : And I will have Milk
Me: For breakfast we have toast
Boys: I dont think your cafe has any more Bread
Me: looks for bread...oopsss - Oh, I'm sorry sir, yes
we do not have bread any more, we have Sweet rolls
scrambled eggs, yogurt and cottage cheese
cereal and oatmeal,pancakes,fruit
Boys: We'll have yogurt, scrambled eggs and fruit.

It's so funny how they even remember what we
have or don't have. Sometimes they say
"I dont think there's enough Milk left for both of us"
Anyways, it's always fun to eat at Mommy's Cafe.
That's why when my Mom comes to visit
I always have my request and when we go home
to the Philippines
I also have a menu set for my Mom to cook =).

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