Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camping ....


Tell me about it! Am I a camper or what!
Well this time it was Cabin camping
in Running Springs for our Church's Girls Camp.
It was a 4 nights/5 days Camp.
But since I do not have enough paid time off
I only went on Friday.
My friend Luisa (Thanks again) drove up with me
and we were there only for 20 hours.
Even though we were there > a day
I had a great time and felt the spirit.

Luisa and I
were police officers giving each girl
a citation for showing
  • kindness
  • service
  • friendship
  • leadership
  • obedience
Me-Luisa-Shauna-Suzi-Bishop N.


Since it is my 1st ever attending
Church's YW (young women) Camp
It was special since I am in the Stake
I get to be with my friends as well.

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