Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remembering GMA

It has been a year since my MIL passed away from Stomach CA. Today was a very busy day as usual with 2 Soccer games, Birthdays, activities and of course "Celebration of Gma's Life". We missed our cousins and in laws back in ID where they went to Gma's grave site. We watched a video of her, prayed, and prepared her favorites, M&M's, Red clothes, Mrs. M's marvelous meatballs.

We all wore Red
(it's her favorite color)
we had 4 red Balloons
and wrote a note
for Grandma on each one.

and released the
the other family released the balloons in ID

We love you Grandma
We miss you Grandma


Tara said...

You guys are so sweet! I love the celebration of life idea!

Carrie said...

I love Mrs. M's Marvelous Meatballs--those are always a treat at our house! What a great way to celebrate her life!