Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip

....with Family and Friends

I have finally recovered from our very-long-never-ending-trip. Everything was a FIRST for us this year.

First Long Trip
We left on Wed. after work
and drove to UT all day/night.
We usually stay over night either at LV or St. G
but we braved to drive all the way
and arrived in UT at 1:15am.
We tried to make it all the way just
filling up for gas one time, but we only made it to Layton.

First Snow of the year
We left sunny So Cal. with a 77 deg.
and arrived in UT at 22 deg. (BRRRR!!!)
UT had a few inches of snow over
Thanksgiving and the boys
were stoked and woke up
and played in the snow.

Family Tradition Hike
Every Thanksgiving, The M family tradition
go on at least 3-4 mile Hike
before feasting for Thanksgiving.

from Eldest to Youngest

The Brothers

First socks
Every month, I happen to throw
away a missing sock or a sock with holes.
The boys played and played and played with their cousins,
ran around Gpa's house
and I don't know how it happened
or when
All I know is that they had a great time
in Utah :)).

First trip to Salt Flats
ON friday
After the Mother and daughter Thanksgiving Brunch Tradition
I know I do not have a picture of it.
We drove to Reno and
saw the other part of UT.
This salt flats were very interesting
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and Independence day
were filmed here.

First trip to Reno
We stayed overnight at Reno
and drove to Sacramento the next day.
We drove past the "donner pass"
While we were driving up there
Paul told me a little history about the
Donner Party.
The Donner party was a wagon train
of 87 pioneers
that resorted to cannibalism after they
became trapped by heavy snows in the
Sierra Nevada mountains.

Driving up here
was very scenic and
also very scary. It was
totally different
drive from L.A to Las Vegas!

I get Cold easily.
I was bundled up during our trip
long sleeves, sweater,scarf and heater was turned on
I turned back and looked at the boys
without their shirts on
they said
"It was too HOT" for them
and did not want to complain!

First Trip to Sacramento
Ahhhhhhh, SUN!!!!!
I got so excited to see
the SUN and the beautiful
fall foliage in Sacramento.
Our friends Jeremy and Natalie
opened their beautiful home
for us.
Carter is sooo cute and I can't believe
how big he is now.
Thank you for your friendship and
for your hospitality :))

Home Sweet Home
1937.5 miles and total 30 drive hours
I love our truck and just tapped the dashboard
when we arrived home.
I cannot believe we traveled this far.
We traveled
Paul and I were so impressed with our boys.
They did not complain and threw a fit.
They entertained themselves, played, read
talked and watched some of their movies.
We had to save the battery of our Portable DVD
for the trip. But once the
battery was exhausted
they say "needs recharge"

We got home safe
our battery
needed to be

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Jilleen said...

Looks like it was a great trip! You missed the 0 degree weather we just had!!