Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthdays here are

... lots of FUN!!!
and are very special,
this year is exceptional.
J.T is 8!
My boys are growing up SOOOO FASSSSTTTT!!!!
This year our theme
is "Favorite Things"
On his BD
he picked Benihana for his Birthday.
He loves steak, chicken and shrimp.
We got home and there was a clue
waiting for him on the front door
leading him on a "treasure hunt"
for his presents.
Friday was Student free day
at the boys school
and we went to Dland.
We saw J.T's friends
from scouts like Karalea's fam and Mandy's fam.
We also saw and hang out with Suzi, Steve and
the boys.
We rode our favorite rides and had a great time.
We were surprised it was not as bad thinking
it was Friday.

We stayed up until the fireworks
The boys were tuckered out. J.T was able to walk back
to the parking structure
but Jake could not stay up.
DH and I took turns carrying Jake.
When we got in the
shuttle and we found out
that we lost his shoe!
Which happened during the trade offs.

The next day, Jake was looking for his
shoe and we told him
that we left a souvenir for Mickey Mouse :))

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