Friday, January 29, 2010

Gentlemen start your engines!

J.T is stoked to be able to join his first Pinewood Derby. He and Jake worked on their cars everyday and DD helped them use the equipment. While sanding, painting and finishing touches were their favorite part.

J.T's car was called Ben Ten. Of course he is a big fan of that
Ben Ten TV series.
It was a combined Cub and Boy Scouts Pinewood derby.
I was able to help Karalea make Pop corn while she makes
cotton candy.

The scouts and their
family and friends had a great time.

After the Cubs
Pinewood Derby
the Boy Scouts showed their
fast cars and kicked it up a notch
by adding
CO2 and rocket engines, etc.

J.T had a blast
Jake can't wait to be a Cub Scout too.

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