Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What kind of FB person are you?:

I thought I'd share this with you all. I read this from Don Osmond's article about

Casual Facebooker -- Most individuals fall under this criterium. This user logs into Facebook about 2-3 times a day to check e-mail, pokes and stay in touch with close friends. Rarely do they have a specific agenda when logging in; they're just wasting time and casually browsing friends' pages.

The Poker -- A user similar to the Casual Facebooker, but they prefer to "poke" their friends instead of engaging in conversation via e-mail or posting on walls. However, if the "Pokee" replies to the "Poker" with an e-mail, typically a lengthy online conversation will ensue.

Friend-catcher -- This user has 1,000-plus friends, 90 percent of which he/she has never physically met. These users are the electronic ubersocialites on the information superhighway, making friends with whomever they meet virtually.

Ubersocialite -- Differing just a little from the "Friend-catcher," this user packs the social calendar with Facebook parties throughout the month. Not only will they engage with all of their friends online, but they will search for every party they can possibly attend within a 50-miles radius.

Mobile-uploader -- This user is never at his/her computer and would rather use a smartphone to update statuses or reply to messages ... occasionally, posting pictures on the go.

Paparazzi FB -- This is the photo enthusiast, tagging everyone and every thing.

The Includer -- This user has every application available on his/her Facebook page; they even invite you to add a few! This user also invites all friends/associates/colleagues to every group.

Now, where do you fall into?

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