Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break '11

Spring break started on April Fools....No, seriously. April 1st was on Friday and I didn't have enough time to do some crazy pranks for the kids. However, I was still able to pull some pranks on them. I told them we were going to have cereal on friday. Which by the way they were not happy because cereal day is only on thursday. Anyways, Jake wanted Cocoa Pebbles ( placed real pebbles inside the box) and JT wanted Cocoa puffs, and placed (cottons). The boys started laughing. They thought they were going to eat eggs and pancakes, but I told them nahh, you are eating the cereal. They thought that was the prank.

Friday was also Lunch with someone special and
Portfolio day at school. Paul, Tito John and Lola ( my mom)
and I went to their school and had lunch with them
and looked and read at their projects and journal.

We are so grateful for all their accomplishments this year.

Obsession Du Jour

I love shopping, shoe shopping even better. And when I go to DSW, I feel like a little girl in a candy store. (minus the sugar) of course.

I love trying on trendy shoes and looking for classic ones.
THEN, I saw These BEAUTIFUL Pair of shoes.
A Sergio Rossi pair of shoes...

They were in the sale rack..(shockingly), and it was marked 80% off.
and it's priced $40.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost died and it was in my size section (81/2). HOWEVER
when I checked the size it was size 8!!!

And European shoes are totally diff. from American made shoes.
Those Sergio Rossi's were gorgeous and it was narrow and ran very tight and small.

I've walked around the store many times with those shoes.
I almost bought it.After all they said "Suffer for fashion"
But I had to give it up when I got to the cashier.
Maybe next time, they might have Mahnolos or Loubotin's there.
(Crossing my fingers)

Thanks Lola

My Mom came and visited us since Feb 3rd. She left on April 5th back home
to the Philippines.
We went to Las Vegas, went for walks at the park. shopped together,
she played reached for the stars and uno with the boys.
We went to Anthropologie while the boys tested the couch at the store
I miss my Mom already, we love her and shes the best Mom and Lola ever!
Thanks again for visiting us Lola. We love you. =))


After months of planning lunch together. My friend Luisa her cute son Jake and I met at BJ's.
in Cerritos. Since they moved to OC. This is where our meeting place is for lunch.
I am so happy and excited to see her and
her tiny bump. ( she's due late Summer).
She was also able to share that she's having a ....... SURPRISE.
Anyways, Jake is sooo cute and I loved hearing him say "never mind". Love that kid!
He's too funny.
We talked and talked and we were very good and did not order pizookie. I KNOW!
Maybe Next time!

Spring break to be continued......