Wednesday, April 30, 2008

...And We all SCREAMED for ICE CREAM

We had the Missionaries tonight for dinner. And we took them Islands Restaurant <--- the boys favorite restaurant. Then for dessert we headed to Baskin Robbins. The line was pretty long but it went fast.

The sign said
Max of 3 scoops/customer.
I was surprised the boys only asked for 1 scoop.
Of course we all got our favorites
My favorite: World Class Chocolate

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We all Scream for Ice Cream.

In honor of America's firefighters, Baskin Robbins is having a 31 cent scoop night
Wednesday, April 30


Monday, April 28, 2008

Awesome Teachers

Here's a shout out to all the teachers.
Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week.
To my SIL-Becky, Niece- Toni, Grandpa (retired)
and friends
Jinky, Larry, Trina, Shauna, Mark, Tara and Amber
To JT and Jake's teachers.
Thank you so much for all your hardwork
dedication and TIME.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Heat is On

Yes, indeed, it was scorching HOT this weekend.
we had a busy and fun weekend full of activities.

The boys had a haircut and we went swimming at
my brother's place. We surely enjoyed the pool and
the very HOT weather.

I babysat my friend, Jinky's daughter, Sofia
Jinky and Larry went to see Def Leppard.
The boys enjoyed playing with her, making her laugh,
and also reading books with her. We also went to the park and played, colored
some fun pictures and coloring books and watched her favorite show Elmo.
She was such a good girl.

Paul's best friend Curtis and his wife Jen and their 3 kids are in town from UT. Jen's brother and sister were visiting too, to kick off their summer vacation from BYU.
We had a nice picnic at Point St. Vicente.
The Crustacean experts saw 3 humpback whales. Woohoo!!
Curtis saw the "fluke"
Jake was asleep in his stroller.

We went to Abalone Cove after our picnic

We had to hike before going to the ocean
Hiking up was hardest obviously.
Especially when you have an extra 45 lbs boy to carry.
Jake had to ask for a piggy back ride from Daddy

JT cannot wait to go to the tide pools

When we got to the bottom
we saw these signs...

Are we in the right Beach?
That better be posted because
We are not in South Beach or St. Tropez right?

Strike a pose Sienna
Love your posing Jacob.

It is not fun to be in L.A without trying Pinkberry.
The kids had Baskin Robbins
Here's London and Jake

and the Adults had
the swirly goodness
And they loved it.
They are "pinkalicious" fans now too.

Friday, April 25, 2008


I remember when I was pregnant with my boys. I wore my tight tees or any form fitting tops and then there is a "bump on my bump". I tried to cover it with a band aid or some stretchable band and of course most of the time, I just left it . Oh well, there's good news to all my preggo friends. "Miss Oopss popper stopper is now here to the rescue. You can get them at Target, Mimi maternity and Victoria's secret.

Trip down Memory Lane

I have never heard this song for a long time. I remember I was in 7th grade when my friends and I danced at our school and our good friend Trina picked this song. Yeah huh what were we thinking. So on my way to pick up JT from school, this is what was playing on 98.7, Yeah I was laughing, I had to call Karen and left her a message.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Madness

I cannot wait for FRIDAY. Today has been extremely busy. Yeah as if other days are not extremely busy. Anyway, we were so busy at work. I was in the Unit all day (ICU). After work I went to see my Doctor for my Annual Medical Check up. Everything is Normal, my Cholesterol level, HDL, LDL, thyroid, everything is Normal. I was so HAPPY.

Do you ever feel like this everytime you visit your Doctor? OR
everytime you check how much you weigh.

JT and I picked up Jake from school, finished homework, Paul went to Church to help set up for the Pack Meeting, while I fixed dinner. Thursday is Panini Night. What is a Panini? It is a grilled sandwich. Love it, love,l ove, love Paninis. Turkey club, Jake loves PB and J Panini, chicken club, Tuna, sweet roll with strawberry and nutella. YUMMY!!!! It's quick and YUMMY for a Thursday night. Then JT and I went to his Open House at school and Jake went with Paul to Church for Cub scouts.
Whew! what a day huh. I really enjoyed it. This is our first Open House, the teachers decorate their classrooms with a "THEME" . They post and decorate all the children's art and journals and papers and homeworks. It is just so precious when I read one of JT's journals. I believe he wrote it 2 weeks ago.

I went to Agura (Agoura) Hills. I had Islands for dinner, My mommy ran in race, she Ran 100 miles. I played at the park, went swimming in the hotel and watched Alvin and the chipmunks too. I had cereal for breakfast.

And the other one was about Rainbows.

If I had two rainbows, I would give one to my brother.

I just put the boys to bed, Paul is now making a Fruit Pizza he signed up to bring for a pot luck at work, I am obviously blogging then I will fix the boys lunches and snack for tomorrow, they've picked their clothes for tomorrow (check) And later we will watch The Office and Lost. What a way to end the crazy madness.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth day

Jacob's Earth day art

Today is Earth day. the 3 R's:
And we have been working
on these "3R's"
I will try to Reduce :
Using paper towels
Using too much water, esp. when we take showers
turn off the computers
Unplug rechargers
and many,many,many more
Cups at home
Continue recycling
To take the quiz, click here

Paul got this from work:
Recycle Bag
Water Bottle
Tomato plant

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Take 2

Yes, we got our priority tickets and we finally were able to be in the audience for Dancing with the stars. We were sitting on the balcony on the judges side. We had to get up every now and then to see the dancers and the celebs. It wasn't the best seats in the house, but we still saw the dances and other celebs. We also saw, Randolph Duke yes, so exciting to see him, Lucy Lawless, Paula Abdul and Teri Seymour and many many more.

Ok, Jason Taylor is so good looking and Hot. The ladies were so svelte and ripped and I hate them for that. Oh yeah of course totally tanned. Mario Lopez was there too he danced with the chorus line in the new Broadway show. It was a 2fer - 1. At 4:00 they pre-taped his performance for the 100th show before the Live show at 5:00, so cool.

Here we are, after the show we had dinner at
Joan's on third. This is the only pic we have since we
couldn't bring cameras inside the studio and be

I got Vanilla Cupcake and Chocolate cupcake with marshmallow creme
for the boys

I got Frutti fela Bosco for Paul
this has Raspberries and Blackberries. Yum!

And a Torta dela Nonna for me
it's almond torte with a hint of Lemon

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Movie Night

Ever since we finished watching all the seasons of 24 and The Office series we cancelled our netflix and joined Hollywood Video. On friday the boys went to rent some videos and to their surprise the Hollywood Video we go to is "PERMANENTLY CLOSED" yikes!!! So they drove down the street to Blockbuster and yes, it's closed too, it is now Verizon. They were so sad. Then I mentioned to Paul how the grocery stores now have movie vending machines. I remember seeing these vending machines when we went on our trip to UT this winter and also at Vons in Agoura Hills. So they went and searched and Voila, they found this RED BOX Vending Movie Machine and it's $1.00 only. You can rent it thru the website to reserve and pick it up at the Vending Machine.

We had a fun Movie night last night. Our friends Jeremy and Natalie came over, we had Lucille's barbeque for dinner and we watched Juno, while the boys watched the Bee Movie. They were such good boys and really behaved well. I am so proud of them and they will get a fun treat next week.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Girls Night Owls

Our Temple Night has been long over due. Last time we went was Jan of last year. WOW! So we FINALLY went tonight. We tried to catch the 630 session thanks to L.A traffic we just made it to the 730. As always it was really great to be in the temple.

We went out after the session and celebrated Shauna's
Birthday. Since we left the temple so late most restaurants were already CLOSED!
Then we finally found 2 restaurants open til 12 am.
Shauna could not decide which one and when you're really hungry it's tough to decide.
Shauna and Suzi decided to do Rock, paper, scissor. And Natalie was the referee.
Shauna won and we went to PF Chang's. So funny!

Loot bags for the girls on our way to the temple.
Bottled water, gum and energy bar.

Monday, April 14, 2008


First of all, I have updated the link for the pictures from our 10 K trip and also Spring Break. When Paul told me he could not view the pictures, I told him maybe his comupter is acting crazy! yeah right it was me. So it is now updated and available for viewing, even if you don't have a facebook account. Glad I have a husband who can help out with computer stuff!

Lolo and Lola
(Gpa and Gma in Tagalog) with their 3 grandchildren

This update has been long over due. I just would like to THANK everyone for all your love, prayers and support for my Mom. She was discharged from the hospital 3 weeks ago. She was admitted on Easter Sunday for Hypotension. Then she was diagnosed of having UTI, then went into Sepsis. We're so happy and grateful she's doing great now. She just started going back to the gym again, she's taking it slowly. I am doing some Physical Therapy over the phone with her. I know she's in great hands with my sister who is now her Primary MD. haahaa and my younger brother and of course my Dad. We love you Lolo and Lola!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break - Central Coast

We had a blast last week for our Spring Break. We went to Santa Barbara and enjoyed whale watching and dolphins too. We saw 5 Humpback whales. And then on our way back we saw at least 60-75 dolphins. They were just swimming and diving everywhere. We rode the Condor Express Boat. Thanks to Dramamine, I popped 2 pills and it helped a little bit then I still got sick.

We stayed at the beautiful Kon Tiki Inn with stunning views from our room. It was so wonderful. We met 2 families from San Francisco and Laguna Beach and they said they have been staying and vacationing at this hotel for 15 year and 20 years. Amazing!

We strolled around Pismo Beach, Avila Beach and Shell Beach. The weather was great we could not ask for anything else. We explored the beautiful Central Coast, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Cambria and San Simeon. We all had a Fantastic Time. Of course vacation has to come to an end. And the boys did not want that. We were all excited to go home and will have fun memories from our trip. This is going to be our New Vacation Destination, at least that's what the boys said.

Condor Express in
Santa Barbara

We stayed at this beautiful Kon tiki Inn
with spectacular ocean view.

View from our room.

We had a great time!

View from the Beach

JT is such a good photographer
Paul and I at
Morro Bay

I love this picture of JT and Jake

Morro Bay

Outside our hotel

Paul and JT enjoying the pool

The boys at Avila Beach

Jake was so worn out after a day of swimming
at the beach and pool, he fell asleep at dinner

Elephant Seals at
San Simeon

For more pictures click here

Here are the Humpback whales we saw.