Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthdays here are

... lots of FUN!!!
and are very special,
this year is exceptional.
J.T is 8!
My boys are growing up SOOOO FASSSSTTTT!!!!
This year our theme
is "Favorite Things"
On his BD
he picked Benihana for his Birthday.
He loves steak, chicken and shrimp.
We got home and there was a clue
waiting for him on the front door
leading him on a "treasure hunt"
for his presents.
Friday was Student free day
at the boys school
and we went to Dland.
We saw J.T's friends
from scouts like Karalea's fam and Mandy's fam.
We also saw and hang out with Suzi, Steve and
the boys.
We rode our favorite rides and had a great time.
We were surprised it was not as bad thinking
it was Friday.

We stayed up until the fireworks
The boys were tuckered out. J.T was able to walk back
to the parking structure
but Jake could not stay up.
DH and I took turns carrying Jake.
When we got in the
shuttle and we found out
that we lost his shoe!
Which happened during the trade offs.

The next day, Jake was looking for his
shoe and we told him
that we left a souvenir for Mickey Mouse :))

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gentlemen start your engines!

J.T is stoked to be able to join his first Pinewood Derby. He and Jake worked on their cars everyday and DD helped them use the equipment. While sanding, painting and finishing touches were their favorite part.

J.T's car was called Ben Ten. Of course he is a big fan of that
Ben Ten TV series.
It was a combined Cub and Boy Scouts Pinewood derby.
I was able to help Karalea make Pop corn while she makes
cotton candy.

The scouts and their
family and friends had a great time.

After the Cubs
Pinewood Derby
the Boy Scouts showed their
fast cars and kicked it up a notch
by adding
CO2 and rocket engines, etc.

J.T had a blast
Jake can't wait to be a Cub Scout too.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Me Likey


read here for more

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lovin the Rain

I took the day off on Monday (MLK) and
spent the day in my PJ's all day with the boys
while we cuddled under a blanket and
enjoyed hot cocoa, read my book and watched

Lovin the rain

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Favorites

If you missed the Jets win against the Chargers ( I KNOW!!!!)
you are not alone.

I totally thought Chargers were going to win
and decided to watch the Golden Globes.
Anyways, I had a glimpse of the Awards last night.
And loved these....

I enjoyed watching the Red Carpet
Here's Julianne Moore
wearing Balenciaga
with his date Tom Ford.
Surprised she did not pick a
Gucci Couture with his date :))

And these are some of my faves from last night's G.G Awards

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ya think so???
I know, it has been a
long time since I've updated my blog.
Gees,where did 2009 go?
Here it is.....

Rewind to 2009
Last yr. our friends Mark,Tara and their girls
rang in the New Yr. in L.A

Tara her girls and the boys

Mark and Paul camped out,
slept on the streets of L.A
to save the whole fam a spot
for the Rose Bowl Parade 2009

Tara and I

Fast Forward to Dec 30,2009
We left L.A on Dec 30 at 1:30pm
and drove to Las Vegas
we were excited to see Mark, Tara and the girls.
we arrived in Vegas at 9:30 pm!!!
It was CRAZY!!!
at least a million of Californians
drove to LV to ring in the NY.
Because in 2009 they did not have any fireworks
and decided to make a spectacular fireworks this yr.
LV Blvd.
Hence, we arrived at Mark and Tara's at
9:30 pm.
The girls were asleep and the boys were bummed and slept on
their couch. While we chatted for awhile. Thanks again :))

We left Mark and Tara's
and stayed at St. G. because we stay there
everytime we drive to UT we received a free night stay at
the Best Western Hotel. Thanks!

The next day (Dec.31st)
We drove to
Lehi and met our friends Jeff, Nana and their girls
+ BOY. Kai is sooo cute! Congratulations again!

We had lunch at my favorite
Cafe Rio.
It was great seeing everyone.

It was cold and
it just had a snow storm on the 30th.

We finally arrived my in-laws house
on Dec 31st at 4pm
The boys were stoked because there were snow!

First thing J.T did was to
make a snow angel (of course)

They built forts and
of course snow ball fights

We had a great time with the whole fam.
and Rang in 2010 by
playing board games and the boys played with their cousins
air hockey,basketball
and stayed up til 1:00am.
I was too busy and forgot to take pics.
My new favorite game

January 1st
Was the Christmas Party.
Because it was very cold and snowy outside
we had the Party at the Church.
We played football,basketball,
"Keep Away","I love game",
"Ninja game"
all kinds of games to entertain the kids.
We had Pizza that day and exchanged gifts.

Jake is the youngest of all the cousins.
But he did not want to be the youngest so he
called Kyler to join the gang :))

We played "Keep Away"
"The I love" game
Here's Brenda with Robbie explaining the rules

They played football

And of course
the exchange presents
We loved all the presents. Thank you again!

January 2nd
Was our niece's wedding.
She was a very beautiful bride.
I did not take pictures, so busy
helping out and talking as usual. :))
We loved the "kids" toilet.
I know of all the pictures I took
Here's Shannon pretending to
use the "kids toilet" hahahaha.

We enjoyed the Luncheon
and loved seeing everyone. See you all in Spring for
the reception.
We love you all and Thank you!

After the wedding we
drove down to Provo and watched the BYU-Eastern New Mexico game.
Paul was very tricky
he said "oh we can watch the game on our way
back home and then you can shop in LA"
Of course "SHOPPING" always ring bells in my ears :))

IN and OUT
just opened in UT
and it was packed, there was a long wait and the
drive thru is crazy!

We can totally understand.
That's what Hamburger's all about :))
One of the things that's very interesting at this restaurant
there are some perks and menu
add ons that are not on the menu
There are also verses on the bottom of
the cups, burger packaging etc...

January 3rd
We left UT early so we wont hit the traffic in L.V

It was a very chilling 3 deg.
when we left.

On the 405 freeway
it was 77 deg.
We were finally thawing!

Back to School and Back to Work,
and a Post-Holidaylet down for me.

It was a beautiful week.
After school, the boys and I went
down to the Beach.

Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas and
Happy New Year 2010!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to New York

I enjoyed Last Season's show when Project Runway was filmed here in L.A, Irina is a great designer but I see myself wearing Carol Hannah's design better. Anyways, season 7 is back in New York and then

followed by Models of the runway 2. Set your DVR on Lifetime on Jan. 14th.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weight and Fashion

image: Purseblog