Tuesday, September 30, 2008

From Twilight to "The Resolution Video"

Stephenie Meyer is so talented. I am really beginning to be
a FAN of hers not just the Twilight Saga
(Which BTW, I have to constantly remind myself that Edward is FICTIONAL)
in general, how cool is this Woman.
A Mom, friend,Author and now this....
So, I discovered her taste in Music
when I went running this month and listened to my I-pod.
Click here

Anyway, I remember reading an article a month ago on
Twilight Tuesday. Click here
that she was directing a video for "The Resolution"
Jack's Mannequin in Malibu. She picked the location
for the Ocean, Mountain and Desert scene
And I was like
"ok, this will be very interesting and cannot wait to watch the video".

And YES, she did it!
Click here to read the article and watch here

Don't you just love Jack's Mannequin?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Twilighters...Get ready to be DAZZLED!

When midnight Strikes on Oct 3rd
They will have an offer you definitely cannot refuse.

So get some rest til Thursday
and we'll see you at

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Hour

I met with my co-workers
from my previous job last night.
We went to Fushion Sushi in
Manhattan Beach.
It was so much FUN! and
yes we were all HAPPY.
We missed a lot of you guys, especially the Speech therapists
not even 1 came,
and the rest of the Supervisors
and the PT's and OT's
Thanks Janis and Craig for organizing this get together.

Here are some of the Coolest
Rehab. Team


LA Marathoners
in training

Trena and I

Maria and I

Clif-Suzanne -Wes

The Orthopedic Specialties


Friday, September 26, 2008


There is a new TV show on
CW channel

Contestants compete against each other by
completing an assistant task
and a fashion editorial assignment
to be the new Junior Editor at Elle magazine.

Paid editorial position at Elle magazine,
a paid lease on a great apartment in Manhattan,
and a clothing allowance at H&M, all for one year,
valued at $100,000.

The are 11 Contestants. from student
to Freelance stylist and China Military Analyst.

So set your TIVO's on Wed at 9pm
Oct 22.
Here's a Sneak peak...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to the Office

I will have to read my book
The Glass Castle earlier
so I can enjoy the gang
from Dunder Mifflin.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We already got the boys Halloween costumes 2 weeks ago. JT will be Indiana Jones and Jake wanted to be Speedracer. But it was sold out at Toys r us and he decided Cars "lightning McQueen pit crew" instead. I still don't know what costume I am wearing. I have never worn one before and I always had A Witch hat.

I talked to the boys and told them that we are going to have a Halloween party, I was thinking of a "twilight theme". My boys totally disagreed! Yes they protested. I told them my idea.....

Just like Alice Cullen in the book. Think extravagant! White twinkle lights, Japanese lanterns and fresh pink flowers in the book. But since it's Halloween we'll use black and red roses. White table cloth, red napkins and table runners. With some black ribbons for chair covers, red and white candles. For the Menu- since Vampires don't eat, we will serve Omelletes (Just the way Edward cooked it for Bella) or devilled eggs with olive (for halloween), Steak kebabs rare, or chicken kebabs. The Vamps eat Mountain Lions and Elks- and we are not serving that. Red apples (represent their forbidden love) and some yummy dessert. For drinks why not Red raspberry or at trader joe's they have those pomegranate juice or sparkling cider raspberry with spider ice in it - for the spirit of Halloween. For activities: Have 2 teams - Team Edward and Team jacob -why not play a memory game of all the vampires abilities, or name the Vampires and their covens etc... or have 2 teams.

What do you guys think? I asked the boys, They stared at me and said "NO!"
Oh well, I guess I will have to plan it for any of my nieces or friends who would love to have it. So, we are still deciding whether it will be an Indiana Jones or Dinosaur themed or just the basic-fun-halloween-pumpkin-theme. Either way, it is going to be fun!

Monday, September 22, 2008



From Changing colors
Red,yellow,orange,green and brown
The smell of the air
what more can you ask for.
Halloween and Thanksgiving
I am thankful for.
That's why
Fall is my FAVORITE!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth.

For everyone who has kids- whether they are your own or not - Or if you simply love D-LAND
Do not forget to register online
FREE ADMISSION on your Birthday in 2009.
Where else would you want to celebrate your birthday that's FREE?
The Happiest Place on earth!
See you there =).
click here

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Karma...

Sometime in the Spring, while folding clothes, I noticed that
the boys clothes and my favorite khakis and Paul's favorite buttoned up shirt
that got mixed up with the boys laundry
had some red stains.
I looked and Paul investigated the dryer
and there it was
Tara, I remembered your version of
Disaster laundry day.
I called 1-800-CRAYOLA and they gave me an advice.
She was very helpful
it was just too MANY chemicals to clean up the mess.


Today, before going to work, I was looking for
one of my fave
lipsticks. I looked..and looked and could not find it.
You know the feeling of getting ready-looking for that
darn thing-and you know that you have OTHER lipsticks
you insisted on using JUST THAT particular LIPSTICK because it is your FAVORITE!
So I gave up and did not bother putting lipstick
just plain -->Rose bud Salve

During Laundry today.
I noticed
Paul checked, investigated
and at the very bottom of the basket
he saw this black tube
There it was
Benefit Lipstick
Color called


What did I do to deserve this?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

B-Z as can be.

Once a year AYSO has an exhibition with some Coaches from England. They help the coaches and assistant coaches with some tips. They also help some kids with some fun drills. Today, Paul enjoyed the exhibition drills. J.T had a great time as well.


After Soccer practice, Paul and I went to Back to School night and met J.T's classmates and teacher. We were stoked! She is so awesome and very smart. We have been so lucky to have great and brilliant teachers since they were in pre-school.. I tell my friends who are teachers that it DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. They click more, they enjoy school more and they have more fun!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I have a total respect for Single Moms and Single Dads. Not that I never had respect for them in the first place but after Paul left for UT on Thursday. I knew what I was in it for. I've always had that "extra pair of hands". But for 4 days. I had to DO IT ALL by MYSELF. It was always easy for me to turn on the TV to help the boys get distracted and entertained while I finish cleaning up or do errands. However, since this Summer's "HIATUS" The boys got used to not watching TOO MUCH TV. I was also skeptical by sticking to our family routine. It proved me wrong. Definitely! So, for 4 days Paul was in UT to visit his family especially Mom who was diagnosed with Stomach CA this May.

I was MORE like a --> Crazy-busy-Mom. We went to Soccer practice, soccer game, went to Kumon, finished homework, read-a-thon before going to bed, went to a birthday party, Movie nights (Fri and Sat). Went to Barnes and Noble ( Jake said that BN is way better than the LIBRARY!) too funny. Picture day, watched the BYU-UCLA game on TV-->the boys were very eager to see their Daddy on TV. Cleaning and doing errands was not bad after all. The boys also helped me with cleaning and I did not have to tell them to pick their toys. WHEW!!

Jacob was so good during J.T's soccer game
and the boys had fun at one of their friends from Taekwondo
Birthday Party.

Paul hooked up with Jeff and watched
the BYU-UCLA game.

Yes, I survived. I know...I know...it's only 4 days. And today
we picked up Paul and the 3 boys enjoyed a Daddy and sons time.

What?... Spring 2009?

I cannot wait til next week for FALL to arrive. AHHH!!! love it..love it...love it... The changing colors, the crisp smell of fall- autumn spice, apple pie..hmmm and of course the clothes, the fabrics, the colors. I love Fall Season. Did I say that already? And around this time, I get so excited for MB Fashion Week. For 7 days they had schedules of AH-MAZING designers to showcase their designs for Spring 2009. Beautiful gowns, dresses, tops, blouses and swimsuits like Herve' Le'ger's famous 'bandage' wrap swimsuits the colors like Erin Fetherston's and Nanette Lepore. I know we have not even had Fall and Winter yet, and now they are showing their Spring 2009 line. Since Sept 5, I have been reading all the rage in New York as well as watching the videos on MB ( Mercedes-Benz Fashion week) site and youtube. Love all the clothes, the details, the colors, the shoes, accessories. Tons of awesome, talented designers. Everyday different designers showcased their collections. Yes even Project Runway's talented designers showed their collections (Christian Siriano and Malan Breton) on Thurs. And friday was the season finale. Don't look at the pictures *spolier* can't wait to see the final showdown for that. Friday was the last day and Here were some of my faves:

Nanette Lepore:
Neutrals and Subdued Colors.
Love it..Lots of Khakis, Browns
turqoise, pale green and red.

Bold,bohemian prints

Michael Kors:
He knows how to make a Statement.
Holy Shmoly.
Bright colors, Yellow, Red, blue and BLACK!
Big Polka Dots, Stripes

Carolina Herrera:
Strong Colors:
Red,Black and Blue.
Very Glamourous-ish and Hollywood-ish
Beautiful Dresses and shapes.

and Pamella Roland:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fans Flock Forks!

photo:Forks High School

Twilighters invaded Forks,WA
this weekend to
Celebrate Bella's Birthday
It's crazy! People from all over the world
are visiting the setting
from the famous Twilight Saga Series.
Watch here

I love this note from

Port Angeles

Well done to the Author-Stephenie Meyer

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bella's Birthday

Celebrate Stephenie Meyer's Day
Bella's Birthday Saturday, Sept.13th

Lots of fun activities. Click here to check the program.

Monday, September 8, 2008


It has been awhile since I used my I-pod while running.
So, on sat. I had a nice run and played my "running 3 " playlist
which includes random songs from Muse, Linkin Park and Jack's Mannequin
311, Cure, Angels and Airwaves, and The Killers.
As I was listening to the songs of Muse, Linkin Park and
Jack's Mannequin it reminded me of the Twilight series.
I just had to really listen to the lyrics
and ask myself - Was Stephanie Meyer influenced or inspired by some of these songs?
When I got home,
I checked the Acknowledgements from the books, which I never
paid attention to before. Sure enough she listed some of the bands I
had been listening to. I can't wait to see what songs
they pick for the movie.

More Presents

Today is Jacob's 4th Birthday. I cannot believe he is 4 yrs old!
We celebrated his birthday at his favorite restaurant - Islands.
My brother and SIL, John and Denise came
as well as Frau Ingga. It has been a long time since the boys saw Frau Ingga.
Jacob opened his presents from us and J.T.
As I type this post, I could still hear the boys talking from their
room. They just have this adrenaline rush from all the "new toys and books" Jake
got from Sat. and today.

Brotherly Love
Jake was only 3 weeks old and JT was 2 y/o.
Time flies.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What the?

I text message my friends to Tivo the MTV VMA awards tonight. Not to hear the music (oh no) but to see the presenters. And you got that right, I was waiting for the "twilight stars" Robert Pattinson (Edward), Kristen Stewart(Bella),Cam Gigandet (James),Taylor Lautner (Jacob). The intro was so short. They all said their lines, however when it was Robert Patttinson's turn to say his line, Russell Brand (host) cut him off. I was so irritated. The "twilight" cast was treated poorly. Here's the video from youtube, in case you've missed it. BTW, I noticed Bella is obviously Team Jacob. Hmmmm. ON the other hand, they all look great.

Last Day...1st day...Birthday...

What a week full of FUN!
Summer is OVER! and it just started to be very busy in our household. Full of fun activities, sports and Homework! Yikes!


The boys enjoyed the Sun, Sand, Swim and Surrey this Summer.
For the last few days of Summer
we went to Shoreline at Alfredo's Beach Club, they have
so many fun Summer Activities.
We missed the Summer movies
at the beach, we'll just do it next yr. But we did not miss
the surrey bike. We were also planning for a paddle boat ride but
after Paul played Tennis with Jeremy and pedaling for an hour
Our Quads were burning!

The Queen Mary

First day of School
J.T is so pumped up and ready for school.
1st Grade it is!
Don't cry Mommy, that's what J.T said when I dropped him off at school.
Yes, I did not, Great job!
When I asked from a hug and kiss from J.T
his reply...
Mommy, not in front of my classmates.
I told myself: You're only in 1st grade!
So, I gave him a tight hug and big kiss

First Game

AYSO is back, and J.T is playing soccer for U8 (Under 8 y/o)
Paul is back to Coaching as an Assistant this time.
J.T played really well, he played forward and half back. He is more excited to
be fullback. I told him that Paul played half back in soccer, I played full back in High school
so are my bros. Full back and sweeper.
J.T got a little distracted when he saw 3 of his friends from school
cheering for him while he was playing and while they were waiting for J.T's game to end.


Calling all Jellyfish, dolphins and lobster too.
There's going to be an adventure and we'd love to share it with you!
You're O-FISH-ally invited to come under the sea.
And go exploring with Jacob for his 4th Birthday Party.

We celebrated Jake's 4th Birthday at
Sea Lab
He had a great time with his friends from school
and Church.
There was a shirt craft. They painted the shirts
and then enjoyed the educ. tour. They saw Leopard sharks, Horn sharks,
bat rays, halibuts, lobsters, starfish and much more.
It got a little windy and it was hard for me to light the candles.
The kids sang really well and a little faster so Jake can
blow the candles before the wind picks up again.
And the timing was perfect.
On our way home, Jake said he wanted to open the presents
with J.T, but Jake fell asleep in the car.
He opened the presents just in time for dinner.

After the Soccer game and Birthday Party
Paul was so Anxious to come home and watch the game.
On my way home, I called Melissa and asked her what the score was. At that time it was 28-21
And WA had the ball and there was 1 .30 left in the game.
I got home and it was the perfect time for me to check the final score
before Paul and J.T got home.
I saw the score and I told myself that Paul will bel on edge watching the game.
He did not look at me and I tried to put a blank face. I've perfected it
since I always check the score online while Paul watches the games on Tivo.
Anyways, I would watch the game every now and then
while I finished fixing and cleaning up.
It was a nailbiting game, just like last year's bowl game
when BYU blocked the field goal against UCLA.
Here's Paul's face when Locker scored a touchdown.

Anyways, it was a controversial
finish. Blah..Blah..Blah...
blame it on the Refs for that call.
Rule 9.2 A!
In case you've missed it.
Here is the final 3 mins of the game