Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And we all Scream for Ice Cream


For 31 cents/ scoop and to honor America's Awesome Firerighters!
Why not!


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I got this email from a friend. Thanks Jenn. click here
Seriously whatever happened to PRIVACY???


...Take TWO!

I sent out a Mass Txt Msg to
my friends
I even called Tara =)
if they wanted to come and
watch DWTS.
I got 4 tickets and
here we are.
and an extra ticket.

Here we are waiting to get in,
we got nice seats. We
were what they call "fillers"
We were Stoked! We got to
sit close to the dance floor. But of course there
were some obstruction views (like posts and camera crew)
BONNIE had the best seat - she sat 2 rows from
the dance floor and sat behind Shawn Johnson's fam.

Anyways, we had a blast after the show
we went for some Shopping!
Sale + Additional 50% off? Great deal!

ON our way to dinner at Cheesecake Factory.
I could not look at JCREW and Anthropologie stores.
NOT EVEN Janie and Jack haahaa.
We even just looked at Forever 21 and stood there and walked away.
Either we were so good with self control or we were just Hungry.
..I think it was BOTH.

We had a blast! Till next time again Ladies.
So you think you can dance
American Idol!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


She's baaaaaackkkk!!!!!

There's trouble on the Upper east Side as Georgina Sparks return.

And like what G.G said
"Keep your friends close and your frenemies closer".

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I love,love,love Weddings. And today we attended Liezl and Chris' Wedding at 10:30 am. Yes,you read that right, Formal Wedding at 1030 AM in Chino Hills. It was a very beautiful Filipino and Mexican tradition wedding.

JT and Jake outside the Church

Paul and my brother John
at the reception
During the hoers de oeuvres
they were both wishing they
brought their golf clubs.

At the reception
They served Filipino and Mexican Food. YUMMY!!!

There we boys zone and
girls zone tables.
They had activities,crafts
their name cards had a riddle and
if they know the riddle they get a

Money or Dollar Dance
is a Filipino and Mexican tradition.
I loved how they did the garter toss
They called out all the bachelors
and played limbo rock. And when they touch the garter
they're out.
The first one who actually touched
garter first Wins.

We left at 5-ish
We were so tuckered out
that we did not have dinner
and movie night. We just relaxed
read books and called it a night.
Congratulations again
Chris and Liezl.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Open House

So it is almost end of the week and I am sooo tired. Tonight was Open House at JT's school. We love Open House, we get to see JT's class and his projects and talk to his teacher and parents too. This yr's theme is "Ocean Animals". He finished his diorama during spring break and tonight they decorated the classroom with the kids' dioramas and other projects.

We love JT's teacher she's really good.

I loved the way the class and his teacher decorated the classroom
it had some "sea weed" and clipped on some pics
of kid's projects that says "My fishy friend"
Here's JT's project and his desk.

Jake was in "Ocean land" and lovin it
JT's teacher put ocean animal
books and Jake just sat and read
and read and read while we looked around the class and talked to
other parents.

This is like the "reward"system his teacher does.
At the start of the day they all start off
at Good Day
and they move their clip up by listening, being good
and of course
they move their clips down
after 3 warnings of not listening to the teacher
and misbehaving.
I really liked it.

Most of the time JT is in Fantastic Day
He's really a good kid.
because his Mom is the Room Mom.
and there's too much pressure.

We also visited, JT's K teacher last yr.
and also one of
the 2nd Grade Classrooms.
It was a fun night.
We got home,the boys took a shower and
Jake practiced reading
He was pumped up and ready for K-round up next week.

Next week is K-round up,Teacher's Appreciation Week
Pact Meeting.
Bee-z Week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ready to Howl!

I think I like this the best!!!

Earth Day and Admin. Professional Day

Today is Admin.Professional Day and we had a "Mexican Theme" potluck lunch today at work.
We also celebrated P.T Aide's Day today. Thank you for all your hard work and most of all Patience from your patients and the Rehab Staff. We love you guys.

Wennie-Nancy-Zennie...and our favorite Model


Today is also Earth Day.
Paul has an awesome job. Last yr he got this for Earth day
and this yr
this is what he brought home from work.

Happy Earth Day everyone
Thank you to all
the Admin.Professionals
out there.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Emmett and Dr. Carlisle
at LAX

This is too cute.
Click here for more pics.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy Day

Ran earlier today and Paul played basketball at 07:00

Attended a Baptism
Rohan (in stripes)
was baptized today. Yay, Congratulations Dude!
It was very nice
the boys loved the spirit.

Attended Kim's Babyshower
and she's having TWIN BOYS!
We played "Name that tune" with songs that
has BABY.
I got 5 out of 16 haahaa.
I even got Ice Ice Baby in 1 note. LOL!
Kim got tons of beautiful stuff.
Now, we're just waiting for the Boys to arrive.

Went to Samba in Redondo Beach for dinner.
We celebrated my Brother's Birthday
since he was on a "non chewing diet"
for 9 weeks.
He had an impacted wisdom tooth removal
and we could not celebrate his Birthday,
and other get together
so he chose Samba for dinner.

What a day. What a fun day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

No excuse for not working out...

There's totally no excuse for not working out where I work.

Thursday, April 16, 2009




During Springbreak. JT finished his project
for school.
He made a Great White Shark Diorama
and Jake decided to make one too.

Happy 9 yrs!

Paul and I celebrated our 9th yr. Anniversary.
And the boys made this beautiful
present for us.
The day before, they asked us where we celebrated
each yr for our Anniversary.
We told them that ...
  • 1st yr. we went to Hawaii
  • 2nd - 6 stayed home and spent Anniversary with them and went on a date
  • 7th yr went home to Philippines
  • 8th yr home and went on a date
  • 9th yr out on a date.
They gave us this present.

They used these balloons from the 70's party
we had.
BOYS: 7 + 2 = 9
for your 9 yr. anniversary

They took out their toys and brough in the sandbox
and had a pretend
"Hawaii Anniversary"
They even wrote us a note.
"Hawaii 2001"
Also, the 2 boxed milk were "Coconut milks"
The chopper brought us to the island
decorated with a parasol umbrella and
palm trees



Happy Easter



We handed these "Cheetos puffs" carrots
to friends again this yr.

Paul's Kitchen was open and busy
that day.
He made this yummy Easter Feast.

Thank you Tita Jinky for the Pottery barn baskets =)

The boys helped me decorate for Easter

Of course they loved decorating the table with some candies as well.

What will I do if I have Girls?

I got this shoes for my sister.

I will be wearing their clothes. Haahaa

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


...Volturi Coven

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We all Scream


Tuesday, April 21st is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s, and you know what that means...
free ice cream for you!

Like Last Year's 31 cent

Join us for 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins®
and help us honor America’s firefighters with a $100,000
donation to the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC)
National Junior Firefighter Program.

Participating stores will reduce prices of small ice cream
scoops to 31 cents*. At some locations, you may also have
an opportunity to make a donation to local fire charities.