Thursday, November 29, 2007

San Diego

We arrived here tonight for our Mini Vacation here in San Diego. Here's a beautiful sunset by Laguna Niguel. We stopped by a yummy filipino restaurant in Oceanside called Family Grill. One of my friends from my old job moved to Oceanside and opened her restaurant this year. It was really DELISH!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Feel the Burn

I was lazy to go to the gym today, but I have to do something to burn ...more...tons..or extra calories. My SIL lend us this Tae-Bo cardio and it just killed me. I had to stop and rest A LOT. And all I can say is yes...Billy Blanks Feel the Burn!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What diet?

I was back to eating healthier or what we call DIET after five days of binging during Thanksgiving, then we had a fun Ward Activity tonight. We all had a great time, enjoyed talking, laughing and eating!!!!

We had a Delicious Appetizers such as meatballs, 3 spinach dips, mix trail snacks, cheese ball, veggie tray, and yummy desserts such as Chocolate Fountain, chocolate and peppermint cookies, Krispy Kreme, peanut butter cookies, pecan dessert, pumpkin bars, bundt cake, yule log, a key lime punch and lots more. As much as you try not to look at the food or eat, just the smell of it was so tempting!!! I guess I will be hitting the treadmill and spend more time than usual.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I was playing around with my photoshop last night and I really loved this picture of Sabine who is one of my goddaughters. This picture was taken last month at Sofia's 1st Birthday and Sabine was just happy sitting on the grass and picking some flowers. So cute.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Santa Claus is coming to town...

It's that time of year when Santa Claus is coming to town. After we got home from Katrina's Birthday Party the boys kept asking what time Santa Claus is coming. FINALLY the wait was over around 730-ish Santa came. Don't forget to check when Santa is coming to your town. The boys were so happy and so excited and got a nice Candy Cane from Santa and his elves.

Who is Number 1?

What a crazy year this year for College Football. Who is number one? Accdg to AP poll: This season USC started as number 1, then LSU became number 1, then Ohio State, then LSU again. Now that LSU lost against Arkansas after 3 OT last night, and Kansas is losing bad. Who will be number one? Who's your vote? Missouri, West Virginia or Ohio State? We'll just have to wait until Monday.

Rivalry weekend

We had a fun day today. It's Football rivalry weekend. Paul was so intense today so I decided to take the kids with me while he watched football. The boys and I went to Target to look around for some toys to request from Santa. We also got some Gift Cards for Christmas. We went to Mcdonald's for lunch and also to give them a break and play. After lunch we went to the mall and bought a gift for one of my friends at work, Katrina who is celebrating her birthday today. In between all the shopping and Lunch, I constantly called Paul for the score update. When it was 4th quarter and 9 mins left in the game, Paul said that it was 9 - 3 for BYU. When I got home Utah had just taken a 10-9 lead by driving 69 yards for Darrell Mack's 1-yard touchdown run with 1:34 left to play.

I took a picture of Paul and Mark, and they had to show a little "smile for the camera", but deep inside they just wanted to scream and just wanted to tell me "get out of our face". After I took this picture we watched BYU's final drive with 1:30 second left on the clock, BYU faced a 4th-and-18 but quarterback Max Hall connected with Austin Collie for a 49-yard gain that gave the Cougars (and their fans) new life and culminated in Unga's touchdown run. He finished with 144 yards on 23 carries. And BYU had to go for two rather than kicking an extra point "in case" Utah scored a touchdown. When BYU scored the two point conversion, Paul and mark jumped for JOY!!
I had to take a picture of them again and Mark cannot scream or jump maybe because I was there watching the game and Jake was asleep in the boys room. And he decided to just cover his mouth with his hand to contain himself maybe =).

Here are the crazy Cougar fans cheering for their team and this win gives BYU an outright conference championship for its second consecutive year 7-0 in conference play. That will help all of the BYU fans keep their sanity. BYU faces San Diego State next week in a game that was postponed when fires in the San Diego area forced the postponement. GO COUGARS!!!

After the game Paul was so tired (adrenaline finally wore off) we had a short cat nap and then went to Katrina's Birthday. I can't believe how big her son is now.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Ahh Bargains! Yeah, who doesn't like Bargains. It's that time of year where most people shop for Great Deals, Door Busters, Discounts and Mountains of Sale items. This year I did not wake up at 4am like I usually do. I also did not go to Target or Fry's or any electronic store today. Instead I went shopping at 6am and went to Disney store (which opened at 2am) and then to Macy's after. I tried not to hoard as many toys this year , the boys' requests are so simple. So why buy toys that they did not request right?

Anyways, it was a nice shopping day today. After I shopped at Macy's, I picked up the boys and went to Toys R Us to look for some toys for friends, cousins and classmates. We also picked out 2 toys to donate for "Toys For Tots" outside the store.

Then we had lunch at Chic-Fil-A at the Mall. The boys wanted to see how crazy the mall is today. And they were shocked how many people were parked in front of Joanne's and Barne's and Noble. Since it's a Holiday the boys wanted Dippin Dots for dessert.

It was so hard to go shopping with the kids now and hide the toys from them. We really had to trick them with lots of distractions. Good thing I did not remove the blanket in the truck and we were able to hide the toys from them. When we got home, I was so surprised the Christmas tree was up. While I was shopping this morning, the boys and Paul put up the tree and they picked out animal toys as the ornaments this year.

I also put out my Christmas decorations, wreaths, and candles.
I've also put out my card holder and put the pictures from last year. We'll have to wait for new cards and pictures to replace them.

Here's the Mickey Mouse wreath I bought today at the Disney Store. It was $24.50 less 70% off!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Trot..Gobble..Gobble...

We went for our annual Turkey Trot down at the beach today to burn extra calories for Thanksgiving Dinner. We put the kids in the wagon and enjoyed a nice 2 mile walk with the kids. After about 1 1/2 mi. Jacob wanted to go down to the ocean so we hurriedly finished our "workout walk" so the boys could play and run around the beach. We took some pictures and a nice gentleman took a family picture.

Then at 1230 we went for our annual Thanksgiving Lunch at a Hawaiian Restaurant. It was great as always. The boys enjoyed the fresh fruit, turkey and mashed potatoes and cupcakes and cookies and of course Tito John and Tita Denise were there.

We were all stuffed of course. On our way home Jake took a nice nap in the car and then JT, Paul and I did as well when we got home. We woke up just in time for the USC-Arizona State game. We were all so excited that they beat Arizona State and USC is back in the Rose Bowl hunt.

After the game the Mish came by and hung out with us and had a yummy pumpkin pie dessert.
I am so grateful for my husband, my kids, my family, in-laws, friends, work, Paul's work, Kids school, teachers, this country and for the Gospel.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Paul and I enjoyed The Thanksgiving Feast and Program at the boy's School this week. JT was A Native American Indian. And so was Jake. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Here's to all of you




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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We heart Crocs

The boys love their Crocs so much that they decided to wear their crocs one of color.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tradition I - Grateful

One of our family traditions starts around Thanksgiving. Paul and I help the boys in cleaning out their closets and toy boxes in preparation for Christmas. We donate toys, books and clothing so there will be room for new toys, clothes and books from Santa, Dad, Mom, Grandparents,Aunts and Uncles,Cousins for Christmas. It helps the boys to remember that Christmas is not only receiving but also giving to those in need.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Girls Night Out

I had a wonderful dinner tonight with my friends. They took me and Jinky out for our Birthdays. We chose Madre's in Pasadena for dinner tonight. The restaurant was fabulously designed by
Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic. It was beautiful, fancy but still very "homey". The food was great, and The company was Fantastic!
We had Empanadas and Pinchitos de Camarones for appetizer. Dunganees Crab Salad. I had a yummy Arroz con Pollo de la Chorerra. And a Virgin Mojito.
After dinner our server gave us a yummy dessert
Natilla and Tres Leches. Jinky and I requested no singing for our Birthdays, and she said
"Okay, I will tell J.Lo not to come out"
I thought that was pretty funny.


Karen and Jinky

We had a memorable Madre's postcard

After dinner we went to Old town Pasadena and went to H&M
for some shopping.
After a long walk from the parking lot to H&M to Twin Palms
With our aching feet and undecided place to hang out , we called Binkx to pick us up instead of walking for 3 more blocks.She came and rescued us and went to La Luna Negra
and enjoyed the rest of the night watching the performers dance, sing and the girls had Sangria while Jinky and I had a glass of water.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Soccer game

Today was the last Soccer game of the season. It was a great season for Paul as a Coach and JT's first soccer season. The boys played so good and really gave their best today's last game.
JT ready for the throw in

JT listening to "Coach"

Jake was so good and surely entertained himself during the game

The final "tunnel" cheer

After the game, the players did the last cheer and celebration and cheered "Team Captain". The parents gave a Thank you card and a Target gift card for Coach Paul for a wonderful season. To all the players, Coaches, referees, linesman, parents,siblings See you all Next Season

Friday, November 16, 2007

Day Off

It is always nice to have the same day off as Paul. I took the boys to school today and Paul enjoyed sleeping in. I was able to go to the gym to burn off extra calories for our date today and Girls Night out tomorrow and for next week's Thanksgiving.
We were so productive today, with organizing and cleaning and doing errands while the boys were at school. Then for our Lunch date Paul and I went to a Persian Restaurant recommended by Kimia, who is an O.T at work. It was interesting, good Chicken Kabobs. Then after our date it was right time to pick up JT from school. I also had a haircut today and usually I have my bangs cut sideways. And since I was in the mood to take the risk for a change, I cut it differently. It was really different and here are the boys' replies.

JT: " What's up with you hair Dudette"? Then when I picked up Jake from school he looked at me, stared at me and said " I love you Mommy and you look like Dora".

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cold Virus

Accdg to WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A new and virulent strain of adenovirus, which frequently causes the common cold, has spread in parts of the United States, killing 10 people and putting dozens into hospitals, U.S. health officials said on Thursday.

Adenoviruses frequently cause acute upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold, but also can cause other illnesses including inflammation of the stomach and intestines, pink eye, bladder infection and rashes.

Two of the 10 people who have died from the new strain were infants, Su said. The CDC report said about 140 people have been sickened by the virus and more than 50 hospitalized, including 24 admitted to intensive care units.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Awards Night

Tonight was the Awards Ceremony for JT's soccer team. We went to a yummy Pizzeria and the Boys and Parents had a blast. Coach Paul awarded the trophies, medals and AYSO pins to the players.

Coach Paul and JT

JT's trophy

Jake did not want to smile at Mommy

Cheese Pizza yummy!!!

All the parents and siblings were so proud and happy for the players. Paul surely enjoyed his 1st year of coaching. He was so grateful for having a great team, Assistant Coach, Linesman, Team Mom and team Parents. Asked if he would like to Coach again next year? Paul said he will surely sign up as an Assistant Coach.

Then after the boys were tucked in, I watched Project Runway. I know it's too early for me to pick my favorite one. But I would say so far I like Rami

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Project Runway

MY DVR is set for the Project Runway's season 4 tomorrow.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Today was a day full of fun and excitement as always. I went running this morning then the boys picked me up and went for a yummy Pancake Breakfast. Then we went to visit and said our last Good-Luck and We'll miss you to Jeff, Nana and the girls. They are driving today to Utah. Then we went home and just relaxed a little bit. Yeah relaxed with some errands on the side. As in cleaning, organizing and planning. Then went to the soccer game.

After the game Paul and JT went to Long Beach to watch the BYU-CSULB basketball game

While Jake and I went shopping at Best buy, Staples, Kohls and Macy's. We were so productive today. And yes we went shopping for Lolo and Lola (Grandpa and Grandma in Tagalog) My Dad has a bunch of list this Christmas. I totally planned my shopping trip today so Jake will be happy. And yes he was such a good boy and half way thru our shopping trip he fell asleep and I was able to look around for more shopping items.
When we got home, Jake was a little sad because JT and Daddy were not back yet from the BYU game. After a few minutes they came home and Jake stopped crying. Whew! Tonight we had a nice family movie. It was Jake's turn to pick a movie and he picked

Finding Nemo...forever.