Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camping ....


Tell me about it! Am I a camper or what!
Well this time it was Cabin camping
in Running Springs for our Church's Girls Camp.
It was a 4 nights/5 days Camp.
But since I do not have enough paid time off
I only went on Friday.
My friend Luisa (Thanks again) drove up with me
and we were there only for 20 hours.
Even though we were there > a day
I had a great time and felt the spirit.

Luisa and I
were police officers giving each girl
a citation for showing
  • kindness
  • service
  • friendship
  • leadership
  • obedience
Me-Luisa-Shauna-Suzi-Bishop N.


Since it is my 1st ever attending
Church's YW (young women) Camp
It was special since I am in the Stake
I get to be with my friends as well.

Friday, August 14, 2009


How many times have I mentioned that I am not a camper?
Hmm many times.
So, when we watched the Family reunion
last yr-->click here
the boys wanted to go to the Family reunion '09.
And Jake especially
wanted to celebrate his Birthday with his cousins.
And we did!
2 weeks ago we went to
UT for Paul's family reunion.
And we had a blast!!!

We went to
Monte Cristo campground
in UT

We love driving to UT
the beautiful
red rocks, mountains
Yeah of course it could be very tiring
we just LOVETH!

We went to visit our friends
Nana and her girls
sans Jeff

We also visited Curtis and Jen and kids.

My SIL's lovely shower tent!

The boys woke up early
and went fishing.

They were so bummed
and did not catch any fish
however Jake said

At night we
roasted marshmallows
had pies
dutch oven cook off

Joe showed the boys
how to do archery

Jake tried it
And J.T too

We..I meant they played scrabble :))

ON our last night it rained
good thing my FIL is always prepared (like a real Boy Scout)
he placed tarps all over the tables
and brought
extras for the tents.

My niece Toni
blessed her baby boy Landon
Me-JT-Erica-Amber with Landon

hosted a
Family feud game for the nieces and nephews
She had some random questions
Foods that you eat with your hands...
Apples, etc. :))
at the same time
questions about Gma.
What was GMA's favorite snack?

I tried Water Skiing

Sad to say I did not or
I could not get up.
After the 3rd attempt
and from drinking/snorting
lake water
I was pooped!

From a P.T point of view:
Poor Core Strength
Poor Quad Strength
Poor Ant. and Post pelvic tilt
Poor balance
Poor coordination
Poor motor planning

From my Co-worker's point of view....
It's the boat driver's fault.....Hmmmmm :)))
I like that!

And here's the boat owner/driver
my BIL Troy

Nephew Andy

"Glitter Nails"
I enjoyed "girly stuff"
with my nieces and their daughters
I brought my nailpolish stuff
and we had fun

Dutch oven cook off Yum!!

Nephew Jeremy - Boston - Whitney

Nephews Anthony and ED

BIL Chris and Kayla

Nephew - Matt

Paul skiing

The whole fam tubing

and we loved it!!!!

We finished our trip
with a yummy
Prime rib for dinner.

If this is how camping ends...SIGN ME UP!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NM it is!!

This is so cool. You get to watch the Wolf Pack, Jacob and more Jacob and Bad A** Jane

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Madness

Back to Summer Camp, Back to Work and Back to our routine. What a fun week. We all had fun and we are so tired. I will post more pictures when I get enough sleep. haahaa.(will I ever get enough sleep?)
here are some teasers...
. :))

Campsite: Monte Cristo

I just love this view.
A taste of water,mountain and sky

Our last day.
And the boys' cousins.
We missed the following cousins:
  1. Jeremy
  2. Whitney
  3. Hudson
  4. Hampton
  5. Boston
  6. E.J
  7. Danielle
  8. Emery
  9. Anthony
  10. Malissa
  11. Zade
  12. Shannon
  13. Alex

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank you

Dear Simon Mall Group,

First of all, I would like to Thank you for having my favorite stores at our mall. Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and many more. I am also stoked to hear the awesome-est news H&M will open in Fall 2009. I just cannot wait to have my hands on those great Fall colors and clothes. I just hope that there is also Children's clothes available at this store.

Now, I am just wondering if JCREW will ever be in your group? Especially at the mall close to where I live. I really do not mind travelling to another mall to visit JCREW.

I also do not mind having a ZARA store in your group. Like I said I do not mind driving to Santa Monica or Culver City.
But wouldn't it be nice to have all your favorite stores in 1 Mall? And by the way, Congratulations on your being ranked # 1 as Fortune World's Most admired company.

Yours truly,