Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mixed up

Our phone was not working today. We tried calling our land phone and it directed to a different phone number. So weird. We talked to the lady and she has the same problem. We called A T & T and they won't be able to help us til Monday. So call us on our cellphones.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank you Lolo and Lola (Gpa and Gma in Tagalog)

This has been so long over due. Thank you for the laptop, J.T loves the Math game and Jake loves to make art with paint brush. They also love playing with the new basketball hoop. Now that L.A Lakers are in the Finals they are so pumped up. Sorry Paul.

Thank you Lolo and Lola
"Blog Card"

for the Asus Laptop

And the Basketball Hoop

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's tomorrow

It's tomorrow.
Tara,they said the ending is predictable
Doesn't matter, I can't wait

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Letting Go

We rented a dumpster for 2 weeks for our Never Ending Spring Cleaning. We can just fill it up and throw all the junk,trash,crap we have in our house. BUT, it is always Hard for me to let go of some stuffs. Paul is so good at telling me it's a trash/junk and just throw it away. Or he will not give me time to think, just pick it up and throw it in one of the boxes "throw,donate,keep". The kids had a hard time picking out the toys they hardly play with and books for them to donate it or simply throw. But in the end we filled up 4 boxes to donate to charity and we cleaned up a lot of junk around the yard and garage. It feels better already.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day is ...

For sleeping IN =)

For running .

For some serious Bargain and Sales

And more shopping!
So fun.

For Paul and Jeremy to play tennis
For remembering the soldiers
and others and to visit the cemeteries and memorials.

For having friends and family over for
BBQ and FHE.
Tonight J.T gave us a lesson. And his lesson was a
tic-tac-toe game with questions about the gospel.
It was Boys VS Girls
Boys team: Paul, Jake, Jeremy and John my brother
Girls team: Joanne,Natalie,
Shauna and Alyssa came before the
first round ended.

JT asked questions and if we answered correctly we get to mark "X"and"O" the questions were simple:

  1. Who created the earth?
  2. What does CTR mean?
  3. Who was the prophet who built the ark to save the animals from the flood?
And we played 2 rounds

So the Girls won first round, then Boys won 2nd round.

For the treat and game we played the family's favorite called Thimble Game
we do not have a thimble but we used a medicine measuring cup instead. The "IT" will think of a category like "I am thinking of a fruit or color or vegetable" and the rest will name things but they have to avoid what the "IT" is thinking.
We all had fun and got wet, Natalie and Alyssa were lucky.
We'll get them back next time.

For talking about Lost and The Office.
We enjoyed watching this clip
Nana we need some serious help to translate what
they were talking about.

For cleaning up and going to bed early the Long weekend is OVER!!!

Memorial Weekend ...

Is for High Gas Prices

Is for spending time with
family playing Miniature golf

Is for enjoying paddle boats

Going to a friends Birthday Party
and seeing Cinderella

Having a yummy Trader Joe's
Croissant for breakfast.
Pain de Chocolat

Is for going to
Fiesta Hermosa Beach

Is for Enjoying the fun jumper

Fun giant slide


jumper slide

and dragon rides

Is for bumping into a Co-worker Jenny and her baby
and The cop who was a guest for the TV Show
Extreme Make Over Home Edition

Enjoying yummy food
My favorite
Roasted Corn

And of course for remembering all who have passed on.
Especially those who have kept our country free.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Christian Dior's cellphone

  • It is a tiny cell phone size of a USB key
  • has a built in mirror
  • It is embedded with Swarovski crystals
  • It's amazing..of course
  • it is $5,000.00
  • W-O-W!!!
Read here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spoiler Alert!!!

Do not scroll down if you do not want to know yet.

I knew it!!!! . My sister and I talked and we knew he was going to win. We love the other David too, it was just obvious the other David is going to win. I can't wait to watch it tonight.

David Cook

Monday, May 19, 2008


I was in charge of Lesson tonight for FHE and I gave a talk about Family. Jake gave a beautiful talk yesterday at Church about Family. We were so proud of him, it was his first talk as a Sunbeam. He was so good, I hardly even helped him. Except for the big words "Father, Mother". He was so excited since he got the slip last week that he will give a talk at Church and he practiced really well.

Anyway, after I gave the lesson tonight, Jake wanted to give his talk one more time, but because of his ear infection he said his mouth is hurting and he cannot talk, so cute =). So J.T gave us Jake's talk tonight.

Heavenly Father wants us to have a family

This is my Family

We love to go to the beach

We love to go on vacation
Jake said : This is my family at whale watching

We love to say our family prayers
in the morning, in our minds and hearts at school and at night
Jake said : But this is not Us Mommy,
I told him it's ok I got it from the Gospel Art Kit
and he said....We say Family prayers all morning

We love to have Family Home Evening
on Mondays


Father And Mother

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here's my Version

I have 3 weddings to attend this Summer and Fall and I am looking for a nice accessory,
such as a new BELT
which is really HUGE this Spring, Summer even in the Fall.
I love, love J Crew. Who doesn't right? Ok, I have been wanting to buy this

tie belt for a spring and summer accessory. I talked to my friend Hedda 2 weeks ago and we were just talking and wanting to buy this. BUT... yeah there is a BUT, we refuse to pay $68.00 before tax. We would rather buy a dress or a top or bottom. Then she told me to get the flower pin.

I checked it and it was $48.00 before tax. Same thing I could use the money to buy a top, pants or dress. I got home and a light bulb turned ON! I got my dried or decorative flowers, that I've had for a long time from Potterybarn, oopss sorry. I cut it, glued it on a satin ribbon...VOILA!

I made orange,red and yellow, I still have purple
and blue.

I apologize if you see me this summer
with these flowers.
This also inspired me to use a pin
which I've seen my friends with their
new baby girls with headbands and ribbons
The yellow ribbon was the prototype
I sewn a pin on it to
put it on my headband or my straw hat

This is what I wore to Church today

I can use it with my shorts, pants
and dress.
I am so excited, it is not as gorgeous as Jcrew's
but it really saved me a lot of money and after all I can afford to buy this dress
and tie the ribbon. Now I have to decide which one to buy.
Any suggestions?
BTW, I am using a cardigan on this too. =)

Strapless deco beach dress

Embossed Beach dress

The outfit that inspired Hedda and I.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last night Jacob woke me up and he said his ear hurts, I told him he was just dreaming. Then I held him and he was very warm to the touch. Checked his temp and it was 102 deg. Today I took him to his M.D., luckily she was on call today and could check him out. Both ears had infection and there was some rattling in his chest. Anyways, Jake is such a trooper today at the parade, he was asleep when the jets flew by, Yeah how can you not wake up with that "thundrous sound" .
Then at night, Paul and Jeremy played tennis, Natalie and I wanted to play doubles but Natalie is almost 7 months on the way so we watched 27 Dresses instead. Shauna and Suzi could not join us tonight. I really liked the movie. Who does not want to see James Marsden. It was really fun movie night. The boys watched flushed away for movie night.

Support the troops

Today we celebrated the Armed forces day and we watched the parade. When we got to the parade it was packed. We found a nice shaded area we were standing in the back then we saw JT's friends from Church and from school. And some of our friends from Church.

Pearl Harbor Survivors

The U.S Marines
J.T shook one of the soldier's hands

The boys were so excited to see this
They said it is from the movie
The Transformers

More Trucks and robots

This is my favorite
I was sitting next to an older lady and I told her how I just love
the jets fly by, it is just so inspiring and she said
"I get emotional"
That sums it up.

I believe this is
the Militay fire trucks

More jets
I do not know what kind these are
someone said they are

The USS Nevada

Tomahawk and sparrow Missiles

And the firemen and paramedics
just chillin out