Monday, June 30, 2008

Six Flags

Our niece Toni and her husband Bob and their baby Kyler are in town visiting. We went to Six Flags today after work. I worked only 3 hours. Anyway, it was very hot and humid, but the boys had a great time.
Toni and Kyler

We enjoyed watching Kyler while Toni and Bob rode those crazy rides
at 6 flags


The boys enjoyed riding the Thomas the Tank Train
and Percy roller coaster
They love roller coaster
and today they chose to ride in the very front

They had a great time.

We stayed up until closing time so it was a very late monday night for the whole family.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spain's pain ended

I cannot believe I missed the Euro Cup Finals. It was a very hectic day today. I have a baby shower today and birthday party both I skipped to watch The finals and the game was bumped off by one of the boys' TV show. Oh well, I will just have to wait the reruns or watch the whole game on youtube. Click here to watch the winning shot by Spain's Fernando Torres.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I always look forward to running on saturday mornings. I run at at 6am from our house to the beach and along the strand. I love the sound of the birds chirping, morning breeze, the ocean breeze, the sound of the waves and the sunrise. BUT, today as I was running along the esplanade, I saw some unusual "eye sores" such as dog poop. People, please do not forget to bring you plastic bags and dispose them at the proper disposal bins. I also saw some things that I refuse to mention here in my blog. It was disgusting! Throw it in the trash GUYS! Hopefully next week will be better.

After breakfast the boys had a play date with one of Jacob's classmates, and then in the afternoon they had a fun splash day with the swimming pool and slip and slide.

Here is Jacob slipping!

And here is JT sliding!

And here they are together.

What a week

I apologize for this long post. I have been so busy this week and I have been too LAZY to post.
So here goes...

Family Night
The boys love to play baseball,
they grabbed their stuffed toys and made their
own audience. So cute.

Keep your eyes on the ball J.T

Nice hit Jake

Jake is a very shy little guy.
But on the graduation program
he and his class sang very well.
I am so proud of him.
His class sang
We're best friends forever
from the movie
Fox and the Hound

After the graduation program
they picked their fave restaurant

Believe it or not I am still spring cleaning and I saw this picture
of my friends in HIGH SCHOOL!
Hedda-Jinky-Toots-Sharon-Trina - Me- Anna - Karen
Those were the days!!!

On Friday we celebrated Natalie's birthday at Shauna's place.
We enjoyed Chicken Dijon, cupcakes (sorry theses were not sprinkles)
and Klondike bars, YUM!

We talked, laughed, ate and stayed up til 1230
planning for Natalie's Baby Shower and finishing the invitations.
We were all tired, but that did not stop Suzi and I
from running the next day, yikes at 630 !


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I got Carried away

Oh yeah, I have this in my ipod. Since the movie opened in May.

Labels or Love

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heat and Fun

This past weekend has been very HOT. On the news, it was record breaking 100 deg in L.A.
but that did not stop us from having a fun weekend. The boys went swimming at my brother's and had a blast. For movie night we saw Raiders of the Lost Ark. J.T liked it.

Jinky and I met at Hedda's for a girls night out

We met Sharon and Karen.
It was nice to finally see our pregnant
friend Sharon.
We went to a nice dinner at
This restaurant is so small and private.
It is A Moroccan Cuisine
We feasted on their "Tasting Menu"
with 8 yummy different courses
Tagine Platter
yummy hummus, olives,eggplant and beets
then chopped salad with feta cheese

Baked Salmon stacked with persian figs
and couscous.
There is a yummy pastry on the side that I cannot remember.

pastry of saffron chicken, almond, powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Fried white fish with cauliflower

More food came and I did not take any more pictures.
The last course was a rack of lamb, of which I am not a fan.
It was good though, and did not have the gameyness odor.

Then the Baklava and strawberries with a candle for Hedda's Birthday.
This was served with a Moroccan Mint tea, which my friends said
was very good and a nice way to end a " yummy 8 course meal".
We were expecting to see some celebs, but not even one of the owners Ryan Gosling
was there. We don't know maybe there were celebs and
we didn't notice. We were too busy chatting
eating and laughing.

After dinner we were planning to go to
Sweet Lady Jane
on Melrose,
but someone had a bad fall outside the restaurant
and we helped the man for awhile who had a bad cut.
Jinky tried calling 9-1-1 and she was put on hold for awhile.
Can you believe that? Is it because we're in L.A or the heat?
They said BOTH!
Anyway, 5 minutes later, and both Jinky and another man
were able to get thru and the firemen and paramedics came.

We skipped Sweet Lady Jane and went to
The Grove to catch
the last show time for the
SATC Movie


We had all seen the movie except for Jinky and
she was pretty excited. So are we!

We are always grateful for our dear husbands
and boyfriends. Or as what Carrie Bradshaw said "Manfriend"
for letting us have a fun girls night out. I was so tired we stayed up til 230am.
And I still made it to Church at 9am.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


We are so excited.
Today was also J.T's last day at school.
We cannot believe he just finished K.
Where did the time go?
I just remembered taking J.T to his
first day at school
Oh yes, I cried

And today, I left work at 11
and picked him up. I was so happy to be able to see
the last assembly day for this school year.
The principal and vice principal paid tribute to
the teachers who retired and that are not coming back :-(
Then they went back to their classrooms and
gave goodie bags to their classmates.
and Gift cards to teachers and teachers aides.
I also gave this to the room Moms
"Thank you for giving J.T a
HAND this school year"
The kids sang one last song
said goodbye to his friends,classmates
and teachers.
And yes I cried again
J.T got this from his teacher and
put all his homework, art, and
stuff in this box.

After school
J.T and I had a yummy lunch at
one of our fave Hawaiian Restaurants
Then we
picked up Jake and went to the Beach.
We went body surfing
and just ran around.
We had a blast!
It has been a wonderful 1st year
for J.T at the

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anything is possible

Thats what Kevin Garnett said. It has been 22 years and now they've won it again. Bonnie I am sure David is so happy and excited. Yes, Paul is very happy and was really cheering for them. And my nephew, Lian is a big Paul Pierce fan.

Jacob is so cute, he does not own a Lakers jersey but he has a yellow "Brasil" jerseys and he wore it in honor of the Lakers. So cute. And J.T said they will get back next year. Then they went to bed and did not even finish the game.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Serious Shopping is Coming

This is so cool. Target having awesome designers, H&M and now this

is coming to America.

Topshop is opening their FIRST STORE in New York
this fall. And launch their website in September. That will be some awesome shopping
for FALL 2008
Topshop, Sigerson and Anya Hindmarch at Target,H&M
Stay Tuned.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Best POP

Happy Father's Day.

The boys gave Paul a Personalized Jones Soda Pop

"You're the Best POP"

The boys gave this to
Gpa today for Father's Day
"You're the Best POP"
Popcorn, Soda POP,
LolliPOP, POPtart

We love...
Our Dads
Our Grandpas
Grandpas who have passed on
BIL ( brother-in-law)
And all the Dads


We had a wonderful weekend in Utah. We love visiting Gpa, Gma, Uncles, Aunts and
We also came to attend our nephew E.J 's wedding.
After E J and Danielle's Rehearsal Dinner
we went to Paul's HS Alma Mater and
walked the Relay for Life

Relay for life
in honor of Hampton

J.T and his classic pose - Me - Jake - Hampton - Erika
The boys were such troopers.
We walked at 10pm

Here are the 5 boys
they love to play and hang out.
They played one of our favorite games
"Dinner Time"

It was so hot on Saturday
after playing Dinner time
they played in the backyard with the
sprinklers on and then they all hopped
in the tub for a nice bath before the wedding

Groom and Bride
EJ and Danielle

All the cousins
with Gpa and Gma
except for 2
Alex who is at the MTC (going to TX)
and ED who is in Mexico
We miss you guys

We are so proud of our boys
both flights the boys
were praised How good and behaved they were
during the flight.
Thanks to Jet blue and
books, crayons and coloring.

Paul and I were watching the US open.
It was so intense.
We were all anxious as we touched down in Long Beach
to watch Tiger Woods'
final putt. The doors did not open until it was Tiger's
turn. It was a very exciting finish.
Everyone cheered after he putted.
I'm sure Rocco was so bummed
Tiger Woods forces 18 H play offs tomorrow.