Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chillaxin Day

Alyssa-Joans-Shauna-Suzi-Natalie and Carter

Football Season opener. Natalie and Jeremy
drove down to LA and watched the UCLA game this weekend.
We're so happy to see them since they moved last Nov. to Sacramento (booh) j/k
We had dinner and talked as usual and we had a great time.


Here are the Happy Husbands whose
teams won this weekend

I love Long weekends. Yesterday we went back to OC and enjoyed the balloon ride again with Paul since he missed out last Saturday and our friends from Church. It was a fun "chillaxin" day in OC.
Rode the Balloon ride and had picnic. It was so fun! We missed the rest of our friends from Church who couldn't make it.

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Julie said...

Good times! I would love to visit OC; I've never been.