Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Days...First Day

Summer 2009 Highlights

  1. Went to American Idol Season Finale
  2. Boys' not so slumber party
  3. Went to the Beach
  4. Learned how to make "Becky's Famous Cinnamon Rolls" - they're the best!
  5. Fourth of July Bike Parade
  6. Mark,Tara and their girl's visit to CA
  7. Cach, Cali and their boys visit to CA
  8. Jake's 1st time at Summer Camp
  9. Trip to the Beach
  10. Boys went to fun places at Summer Camp
  11. Paul learned how to smoke.....Pork, Salmon, Hotdogs..tsk..tsk
  12. Friday Beach day with Luisa
  13. Went to the beach again
  14. Camping with Fam in Utah
  15. Visit with Jeff, Nana and their girls
  16. Visit with Curtis, Jenn and their kids
  17. Church Girls Camp
  18. Glen Ivy Spa
  19. Church Act. Pool Party
  20. Church Activity Beach Party
  21. Hip Hop dance
  22. Bollywood Dance - haahaa
  23. Shopping
  24. Played with our neighborhood friends.
  25. Beach
  26. Sea world
  27. Paul went to Texas with the guys and watched the BYU-OK game
  28. Jeremy, Natalie and Carter's visit to CA
  29. Aquarium of the Pacific
  30. Fun in OC
  31. Balloon Ride
  32. Slumber Party with BFF's
  33. Balloon Ride...again
  34. Beach again ( We went to the Beach at least 3-4x/week) this summer

First Day of school
and First Soccer Games

The boys went back to School 2 weeks ago. We are stoked for their new teachers and classmates. 2 of Jake's classmates are his friends from Church. And J.T's teammate is in his class. And of course they have the AWEsomest teachers.
After school, they had yummy homemade Pizzookies :))

What a fun Summer Vacation
Hope you all had a fun Summer Vacation or Staycation as well.

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cute boys